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724Care Philippines

724Care Philippines is a high performance Telemarketing Call Center founded in 2006. This business process outsourcing company specializes in a comprehensive set of services such as outbound and inbound solutions in both voice and non-voice (web enabled chat and e-mail) communication channels. For its outbound solutions, 724Care Philippines offers customer acquisition, win back and retention services, the conduct of market surveys for understanding market, appointment setting, pricing, lead generation, follow ups and appointment setting. Its Inbound solutions included order taking services, booking and reservation for the travel industry, toll free customer service, direct response to queries and infomercial lines. 724Care Philippines also provides technical support service, outsourcing event registration and help desk services and handles emergency call center lines of different government agencies and healthcare institutions. Aside from inbound and outbound services, the company provides back office support services such as receivables management and collections.

Philippine-based inbound and outbound specialist that specializes in tele-sales services. 724Care is a call center that has over years of skills and experience to assist their clients in sales needs. This company is committed to providing services to over a hundred small and large corporations, mostly IT and insurance, and have dramatically increased their sales. In 724Care Philippines, their clients are handled by top of the line sales team that are trained to address all inbound and outbound solutions. Right in the heart of Cebu in the Philippines, 724Care is the professional call center that places it’s clients success before their own.

724Care Philippines manages customer relationships for some of the world’s most brand focused corporations as well as small to medim businesses. 724 Care provides strategic execution for these companies’ sales and customer management through their global network, helping them acquire, grow, and retain customer relationships.

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Fun place to work. Starting wages is Php11,000 plus commission, free coffee and lunch.

724 offers the usual salary u’ll find in any call center here in cebu for a trainee that’ll be around 11,500. however there is always a delay in giving out commissions to agents and the salary too.

hi. i was just wondering if youre hiring.. i used to be a csr in convergys. and, are you located in cebu?

I work for the company and love my job!

I used to work there and all my contributions were on time and I was able to claim my SSS maternity leave. I’m going back to 724care once my baby is older. And beside basic i was making 2-3K in commission

there aren’t many CSRs there. Its a sales call center. they do run some big appointment setting campaigns and grew to 200+ appointment setters withing a few years.

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