Aegis Philippines

Aegis PeopleSupport resulted from the merger of two business processing companies in October 2008, namely Aegis and PeopleSupport. Aegis, a company founded 3 decades ago was an international business services and consultancy company that provide enhanced consumer experiences to different international brands. PeopleSupport on the other hand was founded 1998, with the development of online customer care that specialized in utilizing different communications channel i.e. voice, email, chat, and self-service in facilitating customer service. The merger of the two companies catapulted the Aegis PeopleSupport Philippines at the forefront of the business processing outsourcing industry and has increased it global presence to 12 nations with over 50 locations across the world.

In our customer management business, Aegis Philippines offers clients and their customers a wide range of specialized solutions, including customer care, inbound sales, technical support and direct response sales services using over 3,800 professionals in the Philippines. Aegis Philippines call center provides these solutions through multiple communications channels, including telephone, e-mail, live web chat and Internet self-help applications. Aegis Philippines call centers service U.S.-based clients in a variety of industries, including travel and hospitality, technology, telecommunications, retail, consumer products and financial services.

Aegis PeopleSupport has integrated its customer services to a customer lifecycle management for a more comprehensive customer service experience. It also maintains its diverse range of value-added support services as a value-add to its clients. With its extensive experience in the BPO services, Aegis PeopleSupport Philippines serves over 30 of the biggest Fortune 500 companies in the world across a range of different industries from Financial Services, Telecom, Healthcare, and hospitality industries.

The emerging Aegis People Support company adopted a company philosophy framed on four core principles namely: vision to create value, innovation to redefine and revolutionize global standards, execution to ensure customer advocacy and wealth to enrich all stakeholders of the company. And in pursuing the pillars that founded the company, Aegis PeopleSupport upholds the values of passion, responsiveness, inspiration, innovativeness, honesty, focus, energy and commitment.

Aegis Philippines Call Centers are located in:

For career opportunities, please visit Aegis Philippines Job Openings.


cute bldg. ahihih.

like how low is the salary? coz we have different standards..

way klaro ang hiring process!they’ll tell you that you’re good but they wont call you!!!

ok na sana kaso they dont take care of vet reps. they hire and wont bother to value the pioneers.. sweldo ang baba compared to others. as in.. pero maganda ang culture.. ok naren.. if youre up for the compensation , hanap ka ng iba pero if you wanna have

mahirap ang stats, i stayed here for six months pero sa expedia puro porma lang. ONe time escalate me call sa CCD which is yung supervisor line and told me to hold but i found out after 30 minutes of waiting (usually matagal talaga before ka balikan) un p

i’d been with other call centers pero halos pareho lang ang offers nila… hello sa vonage account ng PS e mahina na ang 25,000 per PAYDAY… low salary?? depends sa account.

salary fine lang pero stable ang PS at kung magsara ang isang account hindi katulad sa SYKES na tanggal kayo lahat. dito nililipat kami… ok na.

Yeah right..People Support really supports employees like me especially the beginners in this industry

The company it self is GOOD, but the people inside may need to learn more…

Will sum1 tel me ng number sa people support cebu please…. you may send me a text at 09203342420… please lang poh…

Actually, PeopleSupport so far has the best corporate environment there is in the industry. I have never seen people who are happy and contented with their jobs than here.

Furthermore, on the recruitment, I did not encounter any difficulty. They conducted phone interview the day after I applied online and was scheduled for exams the following day. The same day I took the exams, they offered me the job and I began training a

ok naman d2 kung sa sahod tama lng the same as other call centers like convergies as an agent. Yung naghahanap ng malaking sahod dapat mag apply ka as op manager d2 para malaki. OK sna d2 kya lng may konting problema when it comes to payroll. Nice culture

this call company rocks!

great culture! PS rocks!

the hr associate was impressed by my assessment, resume and my final interview but she didnt call me for the final job offer. what happened?

people support? how d u guys support people? it doesnt make any sense.. apply at sykes- real people real solutions and besides dadaan ka muna sa matinding screening.sino ba namang call center ang lalaban sa sykes u show know that being first has its advan

PS is ok, the environment is cool but still professional, depending on how well u do with the stats totoo na sa isang upuan u can earn as much as 40,000 depending on what account. Like any other company, u need to comply with rules and policies.

hey pal, if high salary is what you need we don’t need you here! we are cultured people, professional persons, who enjoy working with eact other & not competing with each other. if you want a job that you wanna stay for long and build your career &

organized system. good company. good people. people support are for real people!

dun sa nagcomment na s(he) stayedm here in peoplesupport for 6months cguro kasi bitter xia… baka na-endo xia kaya hanngang 6months lang xia… peoplesupport won’t allow uncultured employee like you to stay with them for long…

ok nman…kaya lang like any other company…..may pulitika pa din……but ps is good company. they molded me into a better person. love ps…

I want to work in PS but I’ve only reached 2nd year 1st sem. I wasn’t able to enroll for the second semester because of financial problems. Do you think PS will consider such cases?

ok ang PS. except for their policy of offering higher salary to new hires and not increasing salary of tenured agents. sometimes mahaharang pa ang promotion mo dahil yun ibang manager gusto isingit mga bet nila..i worked in ps for almost 3 yrs.

I’ve already worked in 3 contact centers & so far, PS is the best. I applied and got a job offer in just a day, applied for a higher position in just 3 months of working and got the promotion despite the fact that I’m not really close with the officers an

hmmm..peoplesupport..actually thankful ako kasi twice ako na confine last year sa makati med..buti na lang, on the time of my confinement, ready na ung maxicare is really a good company, so mga sakitin gaya ko, apply na kayo sa ps..ok ang maxicare

this company rocks! i’ve been with PS for 7 mos. so far ok naman esp. ‘yung acct namin pa-doggy-doggy lang, sobra petiks & yet you’re going to get paid 13K/mos. BETTER THAN ACS


im working at a call center right now, and i just want to move to a new environment and meet new challenges… im not a college graduate… will PS consider such a case?

ok ang PS!!!!! the best!!!!!! i’ve been here for 9months already.. ok na sana ang lahat nang biglang mahanginan ata ang utak ng mgt ng T&C.. baka malapit na ako alis

cultured talaga lahat ang people dito!! great benefits (500k medical benefits haha)!! pero pang-sira talaga yung mgt ng T&C!! Palitan na dapat sila!

working in TeleTech Right now.. in dumaguete.. our site is paying us so low than other sites that they have in the phil.. hindi parehas ung pay sa lahat nang ttech employees in their sites… depende lang sa site director..tapos and strict2 pa nang QA n

The best, un lang masasabi ko.

ok naman dito nice people around and cute bldg. hehehe mukha nga lang mall…nice culture though ps is a big name in the call center industry – though i still believe they should work harder to provide better equipments…minsan lang talaga mangangamot

PS is a good company. If you want to enjoy being in a callcenter, you will like it here. The people are nice and you can really build lasting relationships. They dont offer the big bucks but they sure do try to “support” the people.

I have been with PS for almost 3 years.. working with 3 accounts.. di sila marunong mag alaga ng vet reps especially yung mga aspiring to get a better position.

how much ang starting salary ng transcriptionist dito? may quota ba?

sana naman magkaroon na ng part-time ang ps lalo na sa mga nag aaral..pareng bong, sana nman mabasa mo to


ive been with this company for about 8months lng kay ka gamay sang sweldo..mayo lng di kay pwede ko ka duty nga gashorts lng..gamay gd ang sweldo…im handling two accounts at the same time pa…2 accounts in 1 shift

ps davao is great! nice bldg. pipol r so accomodating and nice. gudluking too.


9 months na ako d2.nung una masaya saka mag eenjoy ka saka hindi masyado pressure sa dr. pero nung malipat sa travelport parang di na at ease. humigpitna nang humigpit. inalis ang personal break pati hold time bawal na. tapos ang liit ng increase pag vet

kainis d2 pahirapan ang pto dapat 1/2 yr bef bago iapply. samantalang dagsa ang calls lalo na sa travel


I’m from the Management team of one of PS’ travel account, One thing I’ll tell you this company is a money-making company.. they don’t take care of their agents and kiss the client’s ass just to make them happy…

kung nakatagal ka sa PS… isa ka sa mga pinaka ASTIG na agents globally. kinaya mo ang STANDARDS. kaya bilib ang ibang centers. PEOPLE FROM PS… DEFINITELY CREME of the CROP!!!


truely mga fwends, bitter lang ung ibang sumagot na puros whining ang chika. kasi hindi nila kaya meet requirements ng PS. in short… hindi sila intellectually challenged. aaahaay!

ako galing ng PS. nung nag apply ako pinag-agawan ako ng ibang call centers as in. sobrang nanghinayang ako kaya heto regular day job muna. buti 30 days resignation ko. pwede pa ako bumalik ng PS.

actually at first we were happy and very satisfied with peoplesupport esp. because we were one of the lucky ones to end up with VONAGE the most lucrative in all of the accounts.but tragedy struck us all vonage was dissolved anr we all went to EXPEDIA whic

hi! can anybody tell me how to go about applying for the Communication Specialists position in People Support Davao City branch? i’m planning to move there and am looking for possible companies to work for. Thanks!–Polly

i just love working here being the only french speaking ERep alam mo na kung sino. petiks pa acct. AveryDennison, super mga chikka. Pay may not be very satisfactory but job security and benefits…excellent!!!

everyone is talking about low salary.. how much is low salary anyway? how much will they offer for the starting salary?

Starting Salary 13K basic+1.1K rice allow. + comm & incentives dep on account. D co-terminous sa acct. Kuripot.

I would like to thank PeopleSupport for having given me the opportunity and the wonderful experience of working with the Company for over two and a half years. My decision to terminate my employment with PeopleSupport, is based on the major flaws in PeopleSupport’s Retention Program. With rueful sentiments, PeopleSupport, miserably failed to recognize and reward my honesty and loyalty to the Company.

It would have been different had PeopleSupport taken into consideration my loyalty and length of service and rewarded me with a token increase as part of its retention program.

I view PeopleSupport to have overlooked the value of loyalty and honest service. In demonstration of my dissatisfaction and protest with PeopleSupport’s retention program, I submit this resignation effective immediately.

Yah, I think they take too much time especially for their location in Baguio City. Seems like forever to wait for results of applications. They respond thru email but nothing on the positive side.

its no rumor, its true that they give that much money to new hires… so much for loyalty of the vets…

wla mxadong powertripping n mga sups d2…ok ang environment..friendly mga tao…ewan ko lng s ibang acct bsta samin ok…incentives..depende dn s acct.vonage panalo kya lng la na.hahaha

I’ve been with people support for 6 months now and im happy being here. all the agents specially those in DR account are nice and friendly as well as the supervisors. sad to say DR will be transferred to Baguio.

sayang di ako natanggap

I no longer work at PeopleSupport, was there for 18 months, but I must say that I have enjoyed my work there and actually learned a lot. Great people, great culture. Great working environment. 🙂

The culture is really great here thats why I lasted for more than 2 years, but, what other employees say about compensation and retention for veteran agents?

First job ko at ok naman sa peoplesupport. Tama kayo konti lang increase sa sweldo pag vet ka na. kaya di ako nagreresing ay dahil maganda and account Travelport! Challenging talaga!

The salary is low no doubt about it.uhmmmm the culture is not that bad but we cant avoid “POLITICS”. If your planning to apply at 24/7 hahaha think again! No matter good u are their still gonna dump u! You dont really know what their qualifications are bu

i am happy with people support,..

Yung mga friends ko jan nagwowork people support sabi nila maganda daw,, i want to apply later,, i want na maging CSR din ako,,,

i stayed with ps for 2 yrs. sobrang cool and friendly ng environment,mabilis rin kumilos ang management esp hr. pero totoo, they give bigger starting salaries sa newbies…

I’ve been with PS for more than 2 years now. OK naman ung mga tao d2 especially s DR. well, at least dati.

Last march, i decided between sykes and ps..i know i made the right decision in choosing SYKES! Now I’m a Sykeser for 1 1/2 years already and no regrets at all! Mabuhay ka SYKES- OSMA!

Well sorry guys but WE don’t have that unfortunate experience/s w SYKES.. here’s y: Promotion is fast, raise given after a month, have the highest VL &SL credits in the industry: 20 each and BOTH convertible to cash (san ka pa?), u and ur dependent have a



Yup! They should open a site in Davao!!! Sa account namin, may 5 taga Davao per spine.. haha! talk about invasion..

wag ka masydo proud sa sykes…pagumalis ang account pati ikaw tanggal……..tapos lipat ka ng People Support…..ano ka ba naman!

been in PS for more than 3 years.. ni-gamot na jud tawn. it’s the culture that i like plus you’re earning without that much pressure (depende sa account)

how about an undergraduate people like me..can we go there and apply? are we qualified???please do answer my question.

I’m working at PS for almost 4 yrs. ako pinakamatanda dto, kasabayan ko pa ang may-ari nun training ko, ahihihi. basta when it comes to benefits approved yan, 500k try and tested by my me and my family…

isang taon na ako sito sa PS, sawa na ako dito sa DR! gusto ko nang lumipat ng ibang account. pero all in all, PS is ok. wag ka lang dito sa DR.

d na healthy ang competition s expedia… mag-isip kayo bago maubos mga agents nyo! mga sups d lang individual teams nyo ang kailangan ng assistance..madami dyan deadma pag wla s team nya or hindi magaling magconvert

i want to work with PS since i went up here in baguio, unfortunately they are still not hiring when i got here, so i opt to go to SITEL but since SITEL sucks, hindi naman ako naterminate pero ung acct mngr ng AT@T pinag leave kami tapos isipin dw kung pan

im wrking in PS at okay naman, masaya. un nga lng, maliit ang sahod. pero secured ka once naging regular ka na. pg umalis ung accout mo, hindi ka mawawalan ng trabaho.

i’ll be having my job offer tom morning.. im excited! =)

what can u say about their MOBIPcs account? coz I will be assigned there. just want to know ur feedback guys.. pls reply.. thanks =)

i love ps, its my first call center. unfortunately i didn’t get regularized, but that’s okay since i don’t want to stay in my account..Expedia is a very toxic account!

PeopleSupport compensation wise-okay. management sucks. their self-proclaimed “friendly” environment and professionalism, not really true on my part…

how much is your basic pay, lagpas 18k ba? walana kasing call center na below 18k except local ang service at ict ka.

elow guys.. im frm cebu…. i applied at ps and was scheduled for an 8days training.. may k training….. naa mo idea unsa na nga training? after ana nga training emplyed nka sa ps or not? thnx

1. i applied hir 3wks ago.out of 40 sa initial int., mga 7 lang kaming nag exam. then 5 nlng kmi sa final int. tpos 3 lng kami sa call sim.

yup, cute building.mababa nga ang pay,oo, but i guess what’s good (at least) about PS is the security of tenure – hindi tulad ng ibang Call centers na co-terminus pag la na ang account, la ka na rin – dito kahit wala na account, you’re still a PS employee

may security of tenure.hindi tulad ng ibang call centers na coterminus – kahit na la ka account they still pay you…people culture is ok…

To all of you out there looking for a higher salary and wasn’t be able to get one? Ans. Because you are not qualified. There are lots of call center agents who just hops from call center to another looking for a higher salary even they’re not qualified.


Truely, one of the most outstanding call centers (award winning). Also a top employer in the country. One of the best. During my time, the recruitment process was organized. The HR officers were nice. IF YOUR NEW TO THE CALL CENTER INDUSTRY AND YOU WANNA

PS the Best

I have been working with PeopleSupport for almost 2 years now. Compensation wise, oo mejo may kaliitan nga ang sweldo but if you are to consider the benefits, the trainings and the management, you would prefer to stay here rather than going out and look for other jobs

OK nga dito sa ps eh. masaya. magaling mga trainors. KIKO!! hehehe

hi guys! is davao site for hr/recruitment only or for operations also? do they have the same rate with MLA sites?…tnx a lot.

hai… I am a call center agent aspirant from San Carlos City, Pangasinan…a 2nd year college..I really want to apply in PS Baguio… na-disappoint ako dun sa inaplyan ko sa Dagupan kasi I still have to undergo and will pay P5500..bigat sa

most memorable six months of my life. luv working here. apply here?i hope i could if i could..then nice..coz, this..would first job…

ok lang. yun nga lang kahit matagal ka na di ka taasan ng sueldo. parang wala silang paki kaya nakakawalang gana rin minsan sumagot ng survey nial.kasi d rn naman nassunod

does anyone knows how much ps baguio site give to their agents? thanks! let me know, really appreciate the help..09063762942

apply in PS na..

ps is a good company in regards with working environment but not in salary…they don’t know how to appreciate the vets… sayang ive been here for 2yrs and 4months, last appraisal ko AA… and nver got any warning but untl now less thn 16k pa rin salary

PS?i used to work for PS..nice culture and tnx to PS i have a band now…hehehehe BASILICA!!!!!

i consider that PS is one of the best centers in the country. salary is not as competitive, but it pays you according to what you desrve (starting is 13 for first timers). benefits is a reason for you not to leave.

I work in Ps for more than 6months,na regularized ako…I was save by my supervisor,Edwin Asidao!He was a good supervisor and very helpful.Concern sya and naiintindihan nya pangangailangan ng agents nya. He is considerate and very accomodating!He even wou

i passed the recruitment process but has turned down the offer…sorry, chose convergys over this one…and as for my exp, i think agents at convergys do better interviews than those at PS

di sila marunong mag alaga ng tao..ive been with people support for 2 years now and was transfered to a different account..1month na ang nakalipas still wala pa rin work and wala magawa ang hrd..pati un ibang kasamahan ko waiting and floating..wala kami c

magaling dun ang isa nilang agent na si Brix

Di marunong mag-alaga ng vet reps ang management ng PS. OK ang kultura, wala ako masabe, mbabaet mga tao sa higher positions. yung sweldo lang talaga ng vets, di umaangat! Tsk! KAya madaming lumilipat na vets eh..

regarding salary? mababa talaga compared sa ibang call centers pero if you’re lucky enough na maassign sa expedia sales, and other accounts na namimigay ng mga incentives, medyo ok na rin. pero pag sa iba, goodluck sayo lalo pat people support is certifie

sobrang baba ng offer sa mga my call center experience…hayyy……;-(

well,,,they only lookng 4 a cllge level.and not give chance to a hgh school grad.!why dnt u try them?

kahit ano pa’ng sabihin ng iba, ps pa rin ako. iba na yata ang maging pioneer bpo company dito sa pilipins. hehehehe. tsaka close kami ni daddy bong. hehehe.

Toni ur the best namin Tl dito sa travel account!!!! mga galllileo team mo wait ka blita ko floating ka daw Sir.camillo was able to contact you

Toni Balik ka na dito!!! you have shared a lot of good clients reviews as Our Team Laeder Here in Travel Accnt Blita ko Floating Ka daw Contact Ka ni Sir.Camillo Pinabblik ka laki ng sweldo mo kaya

Toni!!!!! Miis you I hope nabasa mo to blog namin just for you!!!! nid nila Team managers Ikaw na un sa voncore ka pa din?

I am a PS Vet Rep…This is a good company…hmm..Politics is reasonably tolerable..Compensation is fair enough..People are fun and outgoing…Only one thing that disappoints me – RETENTION PROGRAM! They should look into this more seriously and alleviate

salary increase please!!!!

anong technical support account and mayron sa PS

bakit ganun?nag online application na ko,2 days ago.bakit wlw pa ring tumatawag sakin for an interview,I am an upcoming 3rd year cllege student na…..arent they giving chances to those that are college undergrad?

This center is best! you’ll love the culture..I bet.

sobrang okay ang training. compensation is not the best but definitely better than nothing. being one of the stable BPO’s is the consolation.. .

Great Culture. Good Training. Nice Facility. Poor Salary 14k+1050 allow.

nag aplay ako d2 eh.. sabi ok naman daw ung english.. Hinintay ko ung tawag pero wala eh.. Sana sinabi na lang harapan kung pasa o hinde para inde na nag hintay.. pero infairness crush ko ung isang HR dun.. ung maputing chubby..

hi pwede paba mkaaply now?

All Call center companies hir sa Cebu have bad and good sides.What PS differs among other call centers is the environment, okey lang ang salary hindi ka pa bugbog sa mga calls.(selected accounts here only have few calls)

i stayed here for 2 years.. promotion ang bilis.. 3months lng acong ngcalls (nging agent) then after 5 months lang supervisor nko.. but syempre pinaghirapan coh tlga un as in perfect attendance.. above average stats.. good record tlga… then i resigned k

I have a plan to apply in PS mdali lang ba hiring process ko po ba dun? I am a fresh graduate pls help me guys

can i apply?

i’ve been with PS for 1 yr and 2 mos, nice people,good cullture pero mejo maliit ang sweldo…hay,, nilagay nila yung sweldo sa healthcard..,tapos ngayon iba na rin ang policy ng based,anu ba yan..masaya sana dito..i hate to leave the comp

low salary. lalo na sa bagong acct nila nang AUSTRLIA. OK ang culture! pero kung pangbuhay nang pamilya HINDI OK. tamang single lang mabubuhay dito.

Just got a job offer from PS Makati last Monday. Ok na sana kaso ang layo talaga eh, can’t convince myself to love Makati. Plus I came across a friend from college who’s nearly resigning. I won’t take the JO nalang…:-(

ganda company kaso sobrang baba ng salary… at ang hirap p ng account parang di deserving ang napakaliit na incentive sa account tech kna csr kapa sales k rin anu b yun sobrang pinapahirapan .. training p lng aq dito gusto ko na agad lumipat ng ibang c

i want to change my career, i worked as a TOC personnel in a media network last 2007 oppurtunity can u gave me PS? 09296621108 pls call asap for im always available

PS is a HOME. i left the company hoping to get a career closer to my course. but then im kinda REALLY missing PS. the office environment is really nice. iv been in a toucg travel acct. pero msya kc i had a great team & MOST of the people are really nice.

do you still have the RRD account here in PS? magkano ang pay nila sa RRD?

Koolnesss!! PS Rocks!! People who only want fun should not be here…we are here to work n make a career…today the call centers have becme a gr8 career path….:)

I used to work at People Support. The compensation was just enough. What I like about the company was the culture. People were very nice, friendly and very helpful, of course I encountered a few difficult people but you know in every jungle there’s always a snake. It’s just a matter of right attitude. Dapat emotionally intelligent ka. I love People Support for me it is one of the best call center company in the Philippines.


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