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In August 2012, Anderson Financial Network, Inc. (AFNI) expanded its first offshore service center in the Philippines, which currently increases its network of contact centers (in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, and Kentucky) that are all located in the US to ten which employs over 5,000 employees. AFNI Philippines call center has also operated virtual work-from-home contact services and web chat services in seven other US states. AFNI Philippines also provides specialized solutions designed primarily for the insurance industry and the communications industry. AFNI’s expansion in the Philippines is in line with the company’ strategic move to demonstrate its strong and proven global brand. AFNI has chosen the Philippines for expansion because of the culture, work ethic, and values of Filipinos fit those held by the company.

AFNI Philippines call center is expected to deliver the superbly high quality customer service solutions from its U.S. based operations which included customer acquisition and enrollment, customer care, retention and loyalty, sales expansion through upselling and cross selling as well as receivables management, collection and subrogation.

AFNI Philippines call center office locations:

  • AFNI Fort Bonifacio
  • Afni Recruitment Hub
    2/f Diliman Commercial Complex
    Commonwealth ave., Batasan Hills
    Quezon city, Philippines

For Career opportunities, please visit Afni Philippines Job Openings.


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13 Responses to “AFNI Philippines”

  1. ericka dela cruz

    hello can i asked how to apply to your company thanks

  2. Andrei

    just wanted to ask is it one day process ?

  3. Hi i woudld like yo know if AFNI in commomwealth sit is still hiring people for the support group. Thanks ;-)

  4. she

    hi guys!!! I want to know if AFNI’s accepting newbies in there company.I want to try.. And see my luck!!! tnx

  5. Yuan

    I know AFNI and they are now hiring outbound and collections agents. I just process my application there and it went well…

  6. just an update for yall guys..
    i went ther yesterday . their lobby is at the 2nd floor. however when i got there 3 guards told me sitting to the front desk that the company is not yet hiring. the thing is , the day after i went to afni they post tarp outside the building, the day i went there its already gone, so iguest they are not yet fully operating, also found out that they are OUTBOUND SALES… means headache so no thnx,

    • Cynthia

      @xian-I am currently handling an inbound account in one of the BPO’s in Technohub. If outbound sales means headache to you, then you must not really apply for this. AFNI’s accounts are financial, and if you don’t like numbers, again don’t apply for this. Productivity on call center agents work counts a very big impact on BPO’s. I tell you, outbound sales in AFNI compensates hired call center agents so much. I am an applicant, passed the assessment, and is still waiting for the result of the written exam as well as the phone call if one of the shortlisted. I was there last Wednesday, March 27, and might handle collection account…..

      • Bitoy

        Hi. I just want to ask if how much is the basic salary for this one? Thank you!

  7. angel

    please inform me if this call center is already open for recruitment…i am also intersted because its near from our house..thanx!!and also kindly inform me if they are accepting call center virgins

  8. jules

    just an update, we also went there yesterday and the gurad told us that the hiring schedule will be next week. i am not sure though when exactly next week. we are also waiting for it.

  9. ayen

    we visited the site yesterday to check the place and see if we can get details on how we can apply, we were advise of the same thing, they’ll gonna open by january =)

  10. jonmark belcina

    @angelie tan – I’m same as you, i went there last 2nd week of november to check it out, I asked the guard over there about the openings and where to apply, what the security guard told me is that they would be open first month next year and the recruitment venue will still be in the same building. you might be doubting it but the security guard was told to say so if someone is going to check out about the company. So i think lets see each other there hopefully.

  11. angelie tan

    hi, good afternoon,I just want to ask when is the opening of Afni Commonwealth Quezon City? and how can I apply? do you have a recruiting agency?. Please give me the information because I want to apply and to have a change to be a part of your Company.
    Thank you.

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