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AHT Reduction Tips

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AHT or Average Handle Time is the average time of handling calls answered in a call center within a day, a week or a month. AHT is important in a call center operation because it is a measure of the level of service and efficiency provided to customers as well as an indicator for how much it would cost to operate a call center.

The average or ideal range for AHT is dependent on the objectives/goals of the call center, the nature of business as well as customer priorities. Generally, the reduction of AHT is aimed as a means to improve efficiency and accommodate more clients. Before getting on to the tips on how to reduce AHT, it must be noted that certain factors directly affect AHT including employee training, length of greetings, efficiency of communication systems, level of service, types of call, staff experience and the availability of customer self-help. Following are simple tips to reduce AHT:

  • Gather all necessary information for one to better evaluate situation, identify problem and address the problem.
  • Place regulatory information in the IVR to prevent agents from monotonously reading scripts.
  • Recruit agents who naturally speak, respond and answer concisely.
  • Identify silent times and corresponding activities that are being performed
  • Partner agents with high AHT with agents that have low AHT to gain ideas on how AHT is reduced
  • Implement call and screen recording tools
  • Make sure agents follow a predefined call structure, listen, clarify, and respond with a right solution the first time.
  • Ensure agents have sufficient knowledge so that they can respond to all customer queries.
  • Simplify marketing materials and corresponding scripts.
  • Keep customer profiles updated to avoid confusions in providing feedback.
  • Implement website and text alerts in case of service disruption to avoid repetitive calls.
  • Record all calls which can be used for training purposes.


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