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Alianza Grande Technologia

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Alianza Grande Technologia (Grand Alliance Technologies) is a local distribution company of innovative and high-quality information technology products such computers, computer peripherals, network and communications devices in the Philippines that operates in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Aside from sales, Alianza Grande Technologia is also engaged in providing technical and operations support to local businesses. The company started as a small home-based corporate reseller of custom made PCs in 1997 that evolved into a leading national distributor of computer, communications and consumer electronics (3C) products. Its portfolio of international suppliers hail from the US, Finland, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Singapore, among others.

Among the products sold by Allianza Grande Technologia, Inc. included Computer Hardware and Peripherals/ Accessories such as Memory, Motherboards, Ram, Graphic Card, Sound Cards, Card Adapter, Computer Printers including Inkjet, Laser, Offset, Barcode Printer Repair, Photo Printers, Printer Repair Service. It also provides Computer Server, Dedicated, Linux, Virtual, Web, Window and Application Server. For Computer Services, it offers Computers Networking, Data Recovery Services, DTP Services, Graphic Design, Laptop Repair, Computer Hardware Support.

Alianza Grande Technologia also sells Computer Stationery, Computer CD, Floppy Disk, Printer Cartridge, Printer Ink, Ink Cartridge, Blank Dvd. It sells Computer Systems of different brands including Minicomputers, Notebook & Laptop, Personal Computer, Personal Digital Assistant, Tablet Computers, Thermal Printers as well Computers Peripherals like Monitor, Mouse, Scanner, Speaker, DVD Writer, Keyboard. For Networking Hardware, it offers Computer Modems, Hubs, LAN Card, Networking Cable, Networking Products, Plc Splitters. For Software Applications, it offers OS, MS OFFICE, ADOBE, and other Educational Software, and Office Software . Finally, it also offers Computer Cabinets, Computer Covers, Laptop Battery, Mouse Pads, Internet Data Card, Harrd Disk Case.

Alianza Grande Technologia has branches in Cebu, Davao, Pampanga, Dagupan, and Cagayan De Oro city. Its main branch in Manila is

Alianza Grande Technologia main call center office:

  • Alianza Grande Commonwealth
    270 Commonwealth Avenue
    Quezon City, Philippines

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