Aramex Philippines

Aramex is a top Arab International logistics and transportation solutions provider that operates globally in more than 300 nations. It started in 1982 as an express freight operator and later expanded quickly to become an international brand known for its customized services and pioneering multi-product offerings.

Because of its global success, Aramex became the first international Arabic corporation to publicly trade its shares of stock on NASDAQ in 1997. In 2002 however, the company went back to private ownership and fueled its continued expansion by partnering with multinational companies and forging global alliances, which in turn gave it more popular and more trusted global brand. In 2005, the company went public again on the Dubai Financial Market with its shares traded under ARMX. The company today is known as one of biggest employer with more than 8,600 people scattered in over 300 branches strategically located around the world including a well-built partnership networks to ensure its global presence.

The most basic service offered by Aramex included international and domestic express delivery, which encompasses to the global distribution of products across the world. The service of this international logistics company is one of the key yet unheralded support services that reinforced the popularity of online shopping through the Internet. The efficient logistics and distribution system of Aramex helped ensure that the products or items you ordered online from an online shopping store located halfway across the world is efficiently and promptly delivered to you in time and in right quality condition.

Other equally important services by Aramex included freight forwarding, which involves the transportation of cargo or goods in bulks used for import and export; logistics and warehousing, which involves storage of goods and distribution; records and information Management solutions, which is used for proper documentation of freight and products for monitoring and other related logistics services in support to e-business and online shopping operations.

Aramex is one of the biggest of the logistics and transportation companies in the world along with DHL, TNT, UPS and FedEx, which functions as the principal logistics backbone, which enables and facilitates trade and commerce around the world. Supporting this critical function is the Global Distribution Alliance (GDA), a network of 40 express and logistics providers around the world, which was founded by Aramex in order to effectively create the proper distribution channel in every region and every corner of the world using the quality standards and technology of Aramex. The GDA has over 12,000 offices in over 300 countries around the world that serves the world 24-7.

Aramex in the Philippines is located in KKK Processing Plant Bldg., CRB Road, FTI Complex, Taguig, 1631 Metro Manila with telephone numbers (632) 838-4941. Incidentally, one may call this numbers for checking your international deliveries.

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