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Asticom Technology

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In this fast-paced world, people desires to work in technology-based companies where they can work effectively. Productivity arises once they are able to work with assistance and ease. Hence, these are the problems solved by Asticom Technology Inc. This is established in March 4, 2015. This provides effective services that are related to administrative functions. Moreover, this aims to optimize the outcomes of every staff through effective delivery cost and reliable services.

ASTICOM Technology is based in Makati City Philippines and is a subsidiary of Globe Telecoms Inc. Hence, if you are hired here, you are part of the Globe Telecoms Inc. as well.

Products and Services
This company offers a wide range of IT-related services. These are the following:

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning is focused on business. This allows the sharing of information throughout the departments. Executives, managers, and employees all enter the system. Thus, this helps in creating effective communication within the company.
CRM Systems – Customer Relations Management focuses on the customers’ interaction. It stores all the information given by the customers. This is a standardized method that collects and shares customer’s data.
Imaged-based systems & Complex Integration Projects for Retail Utilities – These complements the other branches of the IT department. It assists the entire department in making a company effective and efficient as well.

Why Should You Work Here
Aside from being with people who are dynamic and respected in the Information Technology field, you can also learn lots in this company. This company is composed of effective managers that could form you into your best self. Moreover, Asticom Technology has a lot to offer. Compared to other agencies, it offers Health Card which you could utilize whenever you are in need of health-related assistance. It also gives government-mandated benefits. If an applicant has surpassed the requirements and qualifications, he is offered a starting salary that he might not be expecting.

There are big chances that you will be absorbed by Globe. You can easily work in your dream company as well. Hence, if you desire for a challenging yet peaceful working environment, you might want to work here. You will be accepted here without discrimination. Regardless of your race, religion, and gender preferences, people here surely accepts newbie, like you.

Aside from that, you can also search for more opportunities in Asticom Technology because they have wide ranges of job offerings which you might like.

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