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A.T. Prime Solution

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Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions. A.T. Prime Solution Corp. is a software development company providing software solutions for Engine Control Units, Car-Audio, Multi-media, Navigation Systems, Automotive Safety, Security System and Simulation Systems. AT Prime Philippines is a subsidiary of the Japanese software company Alpha Technology Co., an engineering company that specializes in contracting and contract and temporary in-house product development and is engaged in the development of mechanical and electrical electronics and software.

A.T. Prime Solution recognizes the importance of human resources as the company’s most important asset. It promotes respect for the individual, his inspirations, needs, and general welfare. In return, it expects the commitment of each member of the Company to contribute to its growth and profitability by performing his duties and responsibilities conscientiously and in cooperation with others. AT Prime Philippines also recognizes commonality of interest, direction and understanding as the bedrock of the Company’s continued viability and stability. It aims to develop an environment which shall motivate employees to talk and the management to listen, communicate, and take action: a working environment conducive to the pursuit of excellence, high level of productivity, and installation of a merit system of recognizing and rewarding performance. It will pursue programs which shall assure better quality of work and family life for the employees and shall help spur the development of the community in which it operates by actively undertaking appropriate community development and welfare programs.

The main service of A.T. Prime Solution Corp is making software applications for Engine Control Units, Car-Audio and Multi-media and Navigation Systems, Automotive Safety and Security System and Simulation Systems. It also provides Outsourcing services to help strengthen the manpower for other companies by allocating manpower needs, answering outgrowing problems in terms of business processes. The company also provides Recruitment services particularly of IT professionals specializing in developing software applications for Automotive Embedded Systems.

A.T. Prime Solution call center office locations:

  • AT Prime Ortigas
    19/F Hanston Square
    17 San Miguel Avenue
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City
  • A.T. Prime Ortigas
    24/F One Corporate Center Condominium
    J. Vargas corner Meralco Avenue
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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