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Being a Call Center Agent

Posted on January 8, 2016 | No Comments on Being a Call Center Agent

When you were in school, you did your best in order to get good grades, because you believe that good grades meant a good job once you stepped out of the academe. What you do not realize while you were in school is that, good grades, even great ones, do not automatically mean great opportunities in the corporate world. Most companies out there would want to hire those who already have experience in their job posting ads. What if you are a fresh grad? How would you qualify?

A lot of people underestimate those who work in the call center. What they do not know is that, call center job is by far more challenging than they could ever imagine, that the job may not really be suitable for not-so-smart people. For one, if you want to work in the call center, your English must be flawless. Once you are hired, you would still need to undergo various voice and accent trainings and grammar trainings before you go live and take calls, regardless if you already are good in verbal English or not. Remember that you will be speaking to people who do not understand your vernacular. Secondly, talking to people with different culture than yours will be challenging, because you would need to adapt on the way how they think and the way they want things to work. Therefore, you have to use a certain skill in order for you to understand what your customer is trying to say, or trying to ask for.

In addition to this, most of the time, your customer would call you and talk about what’s going on with his or her services, without exactly telling you what is wrong, so you have to figure out your customer’s unstated need and address it properly. Some may say it just takes some common sense, but this is something that is not so common any more nowadays. Furthermore, there are also customers who would try your patience, and therefore, you must be tactful enough to pacify them, and make them believe that the services you offer is truly excellent even after the bad experience they just had.

See, being a call center agent is not just about making and taking phone calls, eight hours a day, five days a week. It is also about having proper logic, common sense, tact and excellent verbal English communication skills. Those aren’t easy to acquire, don’t you think?

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