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Coreserv Management

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Coreserv Management is a business process outsourcing company engage in providing consultancy and management advisory services firms or individuals in the areas of contracting, enlisting, recruiting, training professionals and workers both skilled and unskilled for local work. Coreserv Philippines acts as an agent in the supply of manpower for its clients, receivable and Collection Management, including implementation of initiatives and programs that would effectively address collection of outstanding receivables and bad accounts; corporate marketing and promotional projects and activities for promoting brand, expanding market and sales, and providing assurance services in the fields of Materials and inventory management, property management, risk assessment, billing management and other related fields.

Coreserv Management is the answer to attain excellent performance in a competitive environment to allow business to survive, stay in the game and lead. More than just increasing revenue and reducing cost, Coreserv helps in improving business performance by working with senior management teams to help them meet this challenge. Coreserv Philippines is especially an expert in providing management services thru Manpower supply, Customer Service, Marketing, Billing, Receivables and Revenue management .It aims to provide broad-based assistance to its clients based on its extensive background and experience in telecommunication and in other industries, who incidentally are current former officers of PLDT, IT specialist, Lawyer , Certified Public Accountant and a Medical Doctor. Among its current clients included Digitel Telecommunication, Skycable Inc. and Destiny Cable.

Coreserv Management call center office address:

  • Coreserv QC
    33 San Joaquin st.
    Brgy. Mariblo
    San Francisco Del Monte
    Quezon City, Philippines

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