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Data encoding or data entry is the act of transcribing or inputting information or data into another form usually in computerized system. Forms of data that encoders might transcribe included documents that are hand written, data that are in audio format, data in spread sheets, databases which included a series of codes like numbers, letters and symbol and other simple data like names and biographical information of people.

Date encoding basically started with the advent of typewriters in which documents are encoded in a typewriter for better presentation. This was later replaced with computers in which typed and printed documents are now converted into digital format, that also entails data entry. People engaged in data entry are often engaged in tasks that involved the transfer of documents into computer codes. For instance, an old printed book which is typed in a word document would entail data encoding. Because encoding can be done at home, data encoding are one of the most common jobs that are home-based.

Because of the simplicity of the nature of the job, which basically involves typing words using a computer, data encoder jobs does not require college degree to qualify. However, some data encoding jobs may require certain qualifications or experience in particular industries because of the special jargon used in the data entry. For instance, a nursing or healthcare background may be required for a data encoder in a health or medical company.

However, the basic skills for encoding are universally the same namely, fast typing skills, excellent spelling, and grammar skills. Fortunately, most of the latest application programs now have spelling and grammar review features that can quickly facilitate spell checks and grammar reviews. However, this functionalities does not apply to data entry jobs in which encoders type names, addresses and codes. In which case, accuracy in typing is very important.

Accuracy is important in data encoding because computer systems are subjected to human errors. Garbage In Garbage out means the computer system does not discriminate any errors in data encoded to process such that erroneous data entries will result to erroneous results.

Data encoders who work in companies typically work the normal 40 hour per week load of a full time job. Modern Technology, however, permits remote communication that allows data encoders to work at the convenience of their home and submit their projects online. Data encoders is one of the easiest jobs in the BPO industry and is one of the most sought after jobs because it is not very demanding in terms of training compared to a call center agent.

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