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Downtime Spiel in Call Center

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Downtime is a term in the call center industry which pertains to a temporary, brief, or interim stoppage of operations or productivity of the company. The stoppage or down time can be attributed to many causes such as mother nature or natural calamities, construction or any activity that will disrupt call center operations, system upgrade or problems with one’s information technology infrastructure or system, internal management issues and operating procedures or change in vendor choices among others. When down time happens, a critical part of recovery plan is to create a team that will respond to inquiries and inform customers about the down time of temporary shutdown. Part of this plan is to create a spiel about the downtime. Here is an example of downtime spiel.

“Greetings sir/ madam. Our company is currently experience a temporary shutdown due to <specify reason>.” For instance, “our place is under a state of calamity due to a strong typhoon that hit us. The company is currently upgrading its system or undergoing some technical repairs of its infrastructure. The company is currently moving its facilities to a better and larger office. Rest assured that we will soon be ready to better serve you. Thank you for your call! Have a nice day!”

In the spiel, it is important to emphasize that the down time is just temporary and brief. The reason about the down time should be cleared with management. Internal matters should be kept confidential and should not be divulged to customers. The reason should preferably be geared towards improving company services (e.g. upgrading system). After stating the reason, assure the customer that the company will soon be up and running to better serve customers.

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