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e-Southwave Contact Solutions

e-Southwave Contact Solutions defines career success in terms of profitable and tangible remuneration packages. eSouthwave Philippines adheres to the adage that service is the heart of our business and thus, it puts extra effort in delivering services that is par beyond standards. Among the important cultural values that e-Southwave Contact Solutions instills to each and every employee included first and foremost, the unwavering faith in God, to whom we owe everything. The passion to win is what motivates our people to delivery superior value. Teamwork is essential because no man is an island and all work entails close collaboration and cooperation among all. The company empowers its employees to take initiatives and do what is right. e-Southwave Contact Solutions recognizes the importance of work life balance by providing flexible work strategies that allows employees to keep motivated. Finally, e-Southwave aims of excellence in the performance of its every task.

e-Southwave Contact Solutions specializes in sales and telemarketing. It provides a generous minimum salary to attract the best sales people in the country. eSouthwave Contact Solutions also provides lucrative commission scheme as well as other incentives such as meal and transportation allowances as well as travel and car incentives.

e-Southwave Philippines call center is located in:

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