Fast Food Call Centers

With the end objective of providing greater convenience to its customers, many fast food chain restaurants have established their delivery systems through which customers can simply order by calling them and the food will be delivered right into the customer’s doorsteps. Because of this trend, many fast food companies have put up call center services in which calls for order deliveries are centralized.

The biggest and most popular fast food chain in the Philippines, Jollibee has outsourced their call center delivery (87000) with Sterling Global. This company which was established in 2003 is owned by Sterling Paper Group of Companies, and have become known to service customer contact requirements of local companies chief among them Jollibee.

Another fast food chain that is handled by Sterling Global in Chowking, another popular fast food restaurant that specializes in Chinese food.

The biggest fast food chain in the world, McDonald’s with the delivery telephone number 86236MCDO, was originally handled by an Indian call center company then a Lebanese call center company, namely, Ramit Services. Lately however, McDonald’s Delivery has hired the services of a local outsourcing company.

The call center company that handles order delivery of fast food chains is confidential unless it is explicitly used by the BPO Company as its portfolio of clients. McDonalds for instance is believed to have hired the services of Contact HP to handle all their delivery orders. On the other hand, Greenwich, the no. 1 pizza chain in the Philippines with the 955-5555 delivery call number, has accordingly signed up Rainmaker Asia (formerly Qinteraction) to handle its order deliveries calls.

A leader in Food Delivery, Pizza Hut (9111111) pioneered the food delivery system in the Philippines and maintains its own call service center to handle its own orders. However, this centralized call center system is only available in NCR and in some selected urban centers in the Philippines.

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