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Influent Philippines

Influent is a US based BPO company which opened its 8th service center in the Philippines. Influent Philippines is a 250 seat call center that will expand the outsourcing solutions of Influent international by further expanding its multilingual capacity. The offshore facility on the other hand helps in further increasing the competitive advantage of the company by optimizing costs. The company offers both inbound and outbound solutions to a diverse industry including financial, insurance, publishing, telecommunications, utilities and business services.

With over a decade of experience, Influent Philippines aims to bond business companies with its customers in more inventive, trustworthy, and lucrative manner. It envisions to deliver tactical thinking in resolving issues and challenges of its clients is such a way that its in-house or other BPO companies can not do by closely assimilating its proven business models and process with the values, objectives and principles of its client organization thereby ensuring that every interaction provides a whole new level of positive experience beyond what customers expect.

Among the strategic assets of Influent is its employees, who all underwent a rigorous training and orientation seminars to immerse themselves to the values of commitment, dedication, quality and drive to excellence that the company stands for. To ensure the alignment of company processes with those of clients, agents also undergo regular orientation about the clients’ organizational values, objectives, market and products.

Influent Philippines offers all end to end contact management services such as Outbound telemarketing and Inbound customer support services in both voice and non voice channels (Email, Web Chat, Text and SMS). It utilizes industry proven customizable sales and marketing strategy in its outbound services. Influent Philippines also provides technical Support and help desk services beyond encomium. Finally, it also offers Back Office Support services such as collections, accounts receivables management and other administrative and accounting services.

Influent Philippines call centers are located in:

Influent main office is located in:

565 Metro Place South, Suite 250
Dublin, OH 43017, USA
Phone: 800.856.6768
Fax: 614.280.1610

For career opportunities, please visit Influent Philippines Job Openings.


we’ll I’m a former employee of this call center and I’m with this company for 2yrs. Now I’m working in a differ call center. I learned a lot from Influent

the best thing about the company is, for first time call center agents this place is the best stepping stone for you…

Ung sup sa Influent-Makati si Ms. Apple. THe Best!!!! sobrang baet tsaka u’ll learn a lot from her. unlike other sups na sobra sa ere, this girl will definitely hit the golden rock napaka down to earth. I worked there for almost a year na din, pero ngaun

I’ve stayed with Influent for 3 llong years and just like other companies they have their flaws. I agree with the HR concerns because they dont reach out to the employees, are unapproachable and dumb–everytime you raise a concern, none of them can provide answers

ok d2, I worked for this co., for more than a year. the management & the employees are very nice, we work together as a team.petiks mode ka kung low performer ka. granted lahat ng wish mo at ipagta2ngol ka pa ng mga sup u if any problem arise. so far naging masaya naman ako d2 kaya tumagal me ng more than a year pero dahil maganda ang offer ng kabila I decided to transfer in onother call center na tumagal naman ng 1 year & 6 months-present.mahigpit ang training d2 sa influent serious ang mga trainor kaya ma222 ka talaga. free meal p. problema nga talaga d2 ang HR/ receptionist na kung umasta HR personel. d2 habang my call nakataas ang paa namin, nag ttxt , no dress code etc….kaya nung nalipat me sa ibang col center n magpahangang sa ngayon ay nand2 me p rin ay nahirapan me magadjust. nd ko pinagsisisihan n nakapagtrabaho ako d2.

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