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Insky Business Solutions

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In over 20 years of direct experience in various industries like international medical insurance, hospital administration management, and clinics related healthcare units, Insky Business Solutions has experienced and therefore acknowledges the challenges and issues which that various business entities need to face on a daily basis.

Insky ‘cloud’ technology will improve the internal competence of any business, all while expanding the competitive advantage of the business by means of ‘real-time’ connectivity across the globe. Insky Business Solutions also offers its clients solutions that are both scalable and accessible, which makes them capable of providing the clients with the opportunity and liberty to enhance their businesses in new and even remote locations and market segments. Secure and reliable access to important information is also guaranteed by the company to its clients, as they need it, in the office, on the road and even at home. Furthermore, the data for the clients on demand is both transparent and visible, and this allows the clients to organize a stronger, trustworthy and long-term relationship in business.

Healthcare Consultancy
The company has acquired a deep and extensive knowledge in health insurance administration, most specifically in medical insurance claims and operations. This insurmountable knowledge was acquired by the company through personal direct experience across the globe, and it allows the company to review the businesses of its clients and offer skillful and intelligent consultancy to enhance the clients’ businesses and processes.

Insky Business Philippines creates solid proof-based endorsements. The company then designs and executes projects based upon those subsequently agreed outputs. Future audits that are ongoing then guarantee independent compliance and often lead to determining brand new opportunities to further develop overall productivity and performance.

Insky Business Solutions call center office location:

  • Insky Makati
    Burgundy Corporate Tower
    252 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave
    Makati City, Philippines
    Phone:+63 2 843 4592

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