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iQor Philippines has modern human resources programs that catches the attention and retains the best people available. iQor Philippines also has the TRIP through which employee are given incentives any successful employee referral. iQor call center offers power pay and XMIP, which are tremendous attractive bonuses given to deserving employees as well as other programs exclusive offered to its agents and employees. The best thing in working at iQor is that it offers totally unique benefits plan to their employees as well as unlimited flexibility in choosing benefits that will satisfy one’s needs.

iQor Philippines is a company that is dedicated to providing business process outsourcing (BPO) services around the world.  As one of the largest and most reputable company that delivers BPO services, iQor prides itself in its wide ranging industry excellence and expertise, as well as its personalized solutions that give it the capability to serve its clients in every vertical at its best.  This comprehensive knowledge is acquired from years of working along with some of the industry leaders – the blue-chip, global brands that the company proudly represents.

iQor’s Business process Outsourcing services are available to all parts of the world. It serves more than 31 centers of Excellence in seven countries and four continents. It has more than 14,000 employees that work with the state of the art technology that affords maximum flexibility to iQor clients to beat the best skills of a global workforce. These includes the customer care, customer retention and revenue recovery among others. These services are performed on the following sectors: commercial, Communications/Telecommunications, Direct Marketing, Financial Services/Bankcard, Government, Healthcare, Student loans and among others.

iQor Philippines also provides a specialized TeQ21services which included end-to-end process automation, real time analytics using its proprietary Quantumatch database, absolute desktop virtualization for data security and the 100% call recording with speech-recognition-based monitoring.


Media and Wireless
May it be providing customer service or handling the returns of millions of set top boxes every year, iQor’s media and telecommunications solutions is committed to help the world’s leading companies of cable providers and media enterprises to augment customer experience while decreasing their logistics costs.

Logistics and Repair
Regardless of the manufacturer, iQor’s repair warehouses have the ability to upkeep a huge selection of set-top boxes, making them better compared to the new ones. By using the company’s Failure Analysis Lab, its eligible technicians are capable of understanding the source of the equipment’s deterioration, drive process and engineering changes back to manufacturers.

Digital Infrastructure
Beginning in 1964, iQor has delivered products and services that help preserve and enhance communication networks for OEMs, service providers and companies across the globe. The company’s wireless, wireline data and enterprise solutions cover multivendor repair to OEM specifications, auxiliary parts administration, reverse logistics, legacy product enhancements and improvement, and also certified pre-owned and new products.

iQor is recognized as one of the leading and most reputable companies that offer business process outsourcing and product support services across the globe. The company’s highly exceptional teams which are composed of 32,000 brilliant and talented individuals, covering the globe from sites in 17 countries, remain to expand. As the company grows, so does its need for highly capable and talented personnel.

When you become part of the iQor family, you are not just being offered a job, but also an opportunity to further develop your career and enhance your leadership skills for the future. Further than the financial stability, exceptional benefits, and state-of-the-art training with innovative technology, iQor provides competitive compensation. As a genuine pay-for-performance organization, your pathway towards a promising career and compensation are obviously defined by your productivity at work and your passion and drive to succeed.

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