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Konsum Tech Philippines

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Konsum Technologies is a BPO (Business process outsource) and VAS (Value-Added Service) company that is dedicated on web development, software and mobile applications development. The company was established in 2009, and through the years, Konsum Philippines was able to extend its service to include IP Network and System Integrated Solutions, Security Solutions together with IP VPN. This is a part of DCIP (Department of Education’s Internet Connectivity Program), a program which intends to connect all the public schools in the Philippines to the Internet.

Ashima. Ashima is an all-inclusive HRIS (Human Resource Information System) that provides further capabilities not only to the business owners, but also to the human resource personnel and employees as well. Ashima allows its users to easily manage the employee on boarding and benefits, payroll processing, work schedules, timekeeping, centralized panel of information, Employee Self Service Portal and a whole lot more.

DEPED INTERNET CONNECTIVITY PROJECT (DICP). Konsum Technologies is an active participant in the DICP. This project was instated by the Department of Education in May of 2009 which intends to allow all public high schools all throughout the Philippines internet connectivity. The department also has plans to extend this project to include grade schools as well. Konsum Technologies has targeted the schools which are far flung – schools that were disregarded by other internet providers participating in the DICP. Furthermore, the company also has launched its own private network for the project, for it to be able to offer online applications and contents to the schools it serves.

HOTEL AND RESTAURANT RESERVATION AND INVENTORY SYSTEMS. There are three platforms that the company offers that can help those who are in the hotel and restaurant business – the Konsum Hotel Reservation System, Restaurant Reservation System and the Restaurant Inventory System. These systems are created for business owners who are in the hotel and restaurant industries to allow them easy administration when it comes to creating their own settings, from reservations to booking cancellations, tracking of housekeeping tasks, determining rates for both peak and non-peak seasons, creating and posting of menus, setting of waiting lists and more.

Konsum Technologies is currently in search of individuals who are professionally experienced, especially when it comes to software development, information technology and telecommunications. Exciting compensation packages await those successful applicants.

Konsum Technologies Philippines call center office address:

  • Konsum Cebu
    Bigfoot Center
    F. Ramos St., Cogon Central
    Cebu City, Philippines

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