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Mega CallNet

Mega CallNet Inc. (MCNI) is call center company that provides both inbound and outbound customer relationship management services. It aims of becoming the leader in the Philippine call center industry by providing first class call center services that serves as the standard for global quality. This is precisely why the company takes the name “Mega” which essentially captures the level of superior excellence that the company wishes to achieve.

Mega Callnet Philippines aims of becoming the instrument for meaningful communication with clients where it matters most because all companies essentially are made for the service of their customers. It facilitates a customer centric service in which clients matter first. It believes in the adage that the best way to find oneself is lose oneself in the service of others. Through this, the company guarantees clients of exceptional performance and efficiency in every call that it handles.

Mega Callnet offers a wide array of Inbound Call Center Services for customer relationship management including customer services, the handling of inquiries and complaints, Help desk / Technical Support, taking, entry and processing of orders, Reservations / Booking / Authorizations. It also conducts market research surveys, and provides its services in multiple channels including voice, email and chat.

Mega Callnet however specializes in Outbound Call Center services including sales and Telemarketing, management of intensive market campaign, conduct of Research and Surveys for market analysis and market targeting, Customer acquisition and retention, Billing and collections, Up-Selling / Cross-Selling as well as Lead Generation, among many others.

Mega Callnet delivers its services both personally and professionally. By personally, it provides services that are personalized catering to the individual needs of customers. By professionally, it maintain identified standards that maintains a formal relationship between agents and customers. Equipped with the most advances technological infrastructure and facilities, the company delivers services that is secure, consistent and reliable.

Mega Callnet Philippines call center office address:

  • Mega CallNet Rizal
    ALGIMON Bldg
    E. Rodriguez Avenue
    Taytay, Rizal

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