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Must Haves for Call Center Agent

Posted on February 19, 2016 | No Comments on Must Haves for Call Center Agent

You have submitted your resume at the job fair, and you have endured the hiring process in a BPO company. Congratulations! You are now a call center agent.

As a lot of people know, call center job is not like any other job. For one, you will be working on a shifting schedule, owing it to the fact that you will be talking to people in different time zones in North America, unless you are about to cater an Australian based client. You will be required to come to work on weekends and on legal holidays, and you will be seen on the streets in the wee hours of the morning. Surely, there are a few things that you should keep in your locker, and in your work station to keep yourself in working order.

Spill-proof mugs and tumblers – A lot of agents can barely survive the entire evening shift without coffee in front of them. Paper cups and other open lidded mugs are not allowed inside the operations floor and so you have to secure yourself of a spilled-proof one. A separate tumbler for water would also be nice to lubricate your throat because you will be talking over the phone for hours.

Jacket, pullovers, and other similar clothing – Oftentimes, the warmer your clothes are, the better. Call center operations floor are cold, let alone you will be working at night, and so you would need something to keep you warm. Some agents will bring blankets for this, some have bomber jackets while others opt to be stylish in trench coats and hoodies.

Workstation kit – Not everyone are fully aware that they have this, but everyone, especially girls, have little bags with them as they go to their workstation. Since you big bag will not be allowed inside the operations floor, here are the items in your workstation kit – headset, pen and notepad or white board marker, mirror, comb and other makeup essentials, and sometimes, a book, for idle times and everything becomes boring.

Positivity and patience, a lot of them – Call center job is very challenging, and it could really drain all the positivity and patience you have inside. Make sure to start your day right – have some ritual to condition yourself on how to make your day go without giving you bad vibes. Always smile.

Do you already have all these things handy? Alright, good luck on your first call.

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