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NL Business Solutions

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Your Source, Your Partner. NL Business Solutions is a one-stop consulting and outsourcing service provider in Cebu, Philippines offering services in Recruitment, Human Resources Management, and other Business Solutions needs of start-up, growing, and established onshore and offshore businesses. NL Business Philippines is founded by a team of human resource professionals.

For start up Business Solutions, NL Business Solutions provides a low-cost or low-risk venue for start-up companies as they try to develop their businesses to full-grown and financially-independent entities. The company provides services for registration (permits and licenses), Tax Incentives, Project Management, Build-Out, Human Resources (Manpower), Seats (Dry Seats or Plug & Play Seats), Office Space Leasing . The company gives freedom to our clients to take care of their businesses by taking care of all none core but essential support services that are essential to the success of these businesses.

NL Business Solutions offers quality and cost effective recruitment and staffing solutions for entry level, mid level, and executive positions for such as software developer, Programmer, Designer / Graphic Artist, Network Administrator, Content Writer, Copywriter, Virtual Assistant, Manager / Executive, Telemarketer / Outbound Caller, Customer Service Representative, SEO / SEM Specialist, Social Media Expert, Video Editor, Technical Support, Blogger, Medical Transcriptionist, and Technical Support among others.

Finally, NL Business Solutions provides quality and cost effective full or selected Human Resources Management solutions and consultation including Training and Orientation, Organizational Structure and Job Descriptions, Payroll and Benefits Administration, Employee Handbooks, Policy Manuals, Code of Conduct, Salary and Benefits Administration, Performance Management, Organizational Development etc. It also helps in resume and Cover Letter Writing and Job Hunting Solutions.

NL Business Solutions call center recruitment office:

  • NL Business Cebu
    47 Osmeña Blvd.
    Cebu City, Philippines

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