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Prosync Solutions is a business process outsourcing company headed by Wilson Lim, which provide non-voice outsourcing services including financial updating, seat leasing, and IT support. Financial updating of Prosync Solutions Philippines essentially involves monitoring, capturing, updating, and entry of text, financials, news and accounting information of listed companies.

Prosync’s seat leasing essentially involves the provision of the work place, including works stations and facilities for BPO companies. This is a great alternative for call center companies requiring immediate expansion of operations into a scalable business model. The seat leasing services normally included the cubicle, electricity, computers and IT infrastructure facilitiy, Dialer, Kitchen facility, Internet and security. Seat leasing saves companies the hassles of putting up a new facility but immediate deployment and operations. Optional add ons may included services to optimize performance monitoring such as the use of open-source dialer for monitoring calls in real-time, the installation of live webcams so that managers can monitor that office at the convenience, the implementation of biometrics for attendance, tracking work hours and payroll preparation and installation of internet monitoring software. The company can also provide assistance in sourcing and recruiting the needed staff, which is crucial in providing the services of the company.

The IT support services of Prosync Solutions included network Management, Server Management, Server & Desktop Backup, Hosted Email & Applications and Network Support Services. This forms part of the leasing services in order to create a single point of accountability and a simplified contract structure when it comes to hardware and software support. This allows company to streamline operations and reduce downtime. It also eases the management from the load and responsibility of managing information technology thereby liberating its resources for more tactical assignments. Finally, Prosync Solutions Philippines also assists in enhancing stability, efficacy and optimizing costs.

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