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Rainmaker Asia is a publicly traded business outsourcing provider that specializes in sales and marketing. Rainmaker Asia has been operating in the Philippines since 1999. There are essentially two ways that a business can improve its earnings – by expanding its market or improving its sales and by reducing its expenses or costs. Rainmaker Asia call center allows its clients to benefit from both these two basic strategies. Rainmaker Asia helps companies by helping them to expand and intensify their market presence, acquire new customers, upsell existing customers and basically increase sales. Meanwhile, outsourcing sales and marketing services to Rainmaker Asia allows its clients to focus on their core business so that they can further improve their products and services. Rainmaker Asia allows its client to do what they do best while it does what it does best – to make sales.

The core service of Rainmaker Asia which is integrated marketing and sales as well as e-commerce hosting are supplemented by other services that can further enhance sales generation and drive repeat sales such as customer database management, customer relationship management and order management.

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Why i gave them a Hi”5″ rating? 1.it gives opportunity to both young and old,2.From managemnt staff,Hr,coaches as well as clients are very supportive,3.Warm and friendly workplace,4.Better compensation,5.lastly,they will develop u for 6mons. to be better

ok ang company at mga sup. cool d2 kahit mababa pasahod.

low rate sa local accounts.. pero they have international premium accounts that pay agents 30k-30k++ basic.. kaya il give them a rating of 4

When Rainmaker Asia was still Q Intercation, it was one of the best Centers I’ve worked for. Now with it’s new mgmt, they trashed everything good about the former company.

Rainmaker Asia is a good company, very accommodating and friendly.. From supervisors to agents, management to staff.

you know what you sounds crazy.,you shouldn’t say things like that..i guess you’re talking to yourself when you say incompetent..FYI!.. Mr Sarakinis is the best boss ever for me and for my colleagues…i guess you been layoff or something?..dont be so upset i’am sure you’ll find a job that suits your personality…how about in palengke i guess bagay ka don..

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