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Rarejob Philippines

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Rarejob Philippines Inc. is an online English tutoring websites for Japanese students of all ages. This company has opened its doors for those Filipino tutors from the distinct schools in the Philippines. For eight years, Rarejob’s mission is to help 10 million Japanese to speak English fluently. Their mission is to give everyone a chance anywhere, anytime.

Through online teaching, this company has helped Filipino tutors who speak English proficiently. These online tutors are trained and well-taught of the skills they need to learn before they get to start teaching. Moreover, trainers who are skilled in communication have given trainings to tutors. Thus, this has made them competitive and confident enough to teach.

Products and Services
Rarejob Philippines Inc. only offers online English tutoring. This job is home-based. Hence, one has the freedom to choose his or her schedule. He can easily decide when and where to work as long as there is a stable internet connection.

Basically, what makes this company exceptional is the fact that it gives series of assessments to the tutors. Skills are taught strictly to their teachers. Hence, this makes them effective English teachers. Moreover, they can assure their students that they are qualified enough to teach.

Why Should You Work Here
There are many reasons why you should consider working here. These are the following:
It’s home-based. Therefore, you do not need to think of the travel time. There’s no need to think of the traffic that you will face. Your budget for travelling is lessen because you will just stay at home while teaching. Trainings are given online, as well.

It’s time-efficient. Therefore, you hold your own schedule. It is up to you when to work. Some people prefer working at night. Some of the tutors feel that they should teach in the morning. Whenever it is, the choice is always in your hand.

Great incentives. Incentives are given especially when you work on Holidays or weekends. They could give you options when to get these incentives as well.

Polite students. Unlike other online teaching companies, students in Rarejob Philippines, Inc. are polite and courteous to their tutors even if they are just online. They truly show great respect for the teachers and they also listen carefully.

Good pay. Getting paid for teaching the skills that is natural to you is very rewarding. Therefore, you should also try working here.

RareJob Philippines call center office address:

  • RareJob QC
    5/F Sunnymede IT Center
    Quezon Ave., Diliman
    Quezon City, Philippines

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