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Rebuttals for Handling Difficult Customers

Rebuttals are refutations or effective responses that call center agents are trained about in order to handle difficult customers. Because the existence of difficult customers is common phenomenon, call center companies have prepared rebuttals or responses which their agents try learn to manage and handle irate customers. These rebuttals are usually based on the company’s extensive research and experience on the typical issues or complaints that customers raise. Learning these rebuttals is one thing but applying them in real life is another thing especially because the intensity of the emotions and tensions on the part of both the customer and agent can sometimes make agents stammer, forget or lose sight what they learned in their trainings. So how do you remember them effectively?

In order to remember rebuttals and effectively implement them in handling difficult customers, the first step that an agent must bear in mind is to be objective. Being objective entails being impersonal or not being personally or emotionally involved in one’s work. In order to attain objectivity, the agent should always focus on achieving solutions. One should not let emotions get in the way in one’s thinking. In going to work, the agent should be in a working mode particularly customer service orientation. The worker should leave all his emotional troubles away. By doing this, one can maintain objectivity while at work and don’t get easily affected or upset when difficult customers come.

Objectivity by focusing on addressing the problem of the customer means that the agent is all ears to the client so that one can clearly decipher and identify the customer problem. This is important so that one can easily refer and relay the problem to a higher authority, who can handle the issue better.

The call center agent must also maintain composure during the communication with customer. Composure refers to calmness or self control. One should maintain courtesy and respect to the difficult customer even by feigning it. Self control is easy to say but hard to achieve. The agent should keep in mind that one has complete and absolute control of everything including in relating with people. One acts proactively not reactively. Thus, one can easily liberate oneself from any emotional pain or insult that a customer may give to the agent.

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