What is Contoh Percakapan in Call Center?

“Contoh Percakapan” is a Bahasa Indonesia term which literally translates to “example conversation”. Contoh is example while Percakapan is conversation. In the call center industry, “Contoh Percakapan” essentially refers to an example dialogue between an agent and a customer. Many agents especially newbies look for a Contoh Percakapan so that they would have an idea […]

Healing Galing Products & Outlets

Healing Galing is a naturopathy and natural remedies program pioneered and hosted by Dr. Edinell Calvario and Nestor Amistad Tan. The program is essentially an informative program for helping people cure different ailments from simple cases to chronic case of cancer, diabetes and other diseases. The people behind Healing Galing promotes self healing essentially through […]

Complaint Rebuttals

Rebuttals pertain to effective responses in handling difficult irate customers who are complaining. Complaints are common because are reflections of problems and imperfection. Two of the principal things that Call center agents should possess are patience and understanding in dealing with customers. Complaints are acceptable and they are part of the job. In fact, handling […]

Chowking Call Center

On 2009, the Chowking restaurant, the no. one fast food company that delivers Chinese recipe menu in the Philippines has launched its delivery service unit which is now commonly known as the Chowking Call Center. In collaboration and partnership with Ventus Call Center Company, a subsidiary of the biggest telecommunications provider in the Philippines, the […]

Pizza Hut Call Center

Pizza Hut is one of the first fast food restaurants in the world that specialized in pizza. It started in 1958 Kansas and had since then expanded into a pizza chain all over the globe. It reached the Philippine shores in 1984. Today, there are over 140 pizza outlets strategically scattered throughout the archipelago. Pizza […]

Affiliated Computer Services Philippines Job Openings

Join a Global Leader in Customer Care Now hiring Customer Care Representatives, SBU Manager, Operations Manager, Trainer and Workforce Analyst.  ACS of the Philippines, a Xerox Company is seeking applicants for growing customer care operations in Pasay City.   Minimum qualifications: Completed at least 2nd year in collegeExcellent communication, analytical and problem solving skillsFlexible work […]

Filipinism vs American Expression

Filipinism is evolved from Filipino localization or acculturation of the English language which resulted to the creation of words, phrases or terms that in some way maybe grammatically incorrect or foreign native English speakers. In short these Filipinisms are colloquial English words and phrases that are unique in the Philippines. Some of the most common […]

How to go to Newfield Quezon City?

Question: How to go to Newfield Quezon City? Answer: Newfield International Philippines has another call center training center located in President Tower, along Timog Ave., Quezon City. Nearest landmarks to Newfield Quezon City are Merci Restaurant and Pan De Manila. Residents from Philcoa, Fairview and nearby Quezon City areas can take a jeepney ride going […]

Call Center Perks: Keeping You Informed

Have you ever wondered why most people these days apply for a job in the call center industry? It’s not just about the high paying salary but it is also due to the fact that there are so many call center perks and benefits that they can enjoy once they work in this particular environment. […]

Ivoline Contents Center

Ivoline stands for International Voice Online. Ivoline Contents Center is call center company that provides online English Language Tutorial services especially catering Koreans from students, businessmen, professionals and all other types of people interested in learning how to communicate, read and write in English more fluently. With the rapid phase of globalization, Ivoline Content Center […]

HSBC Philippines

HSBC Call center is a Global Service Center that particularly caters customers of one of the largest financial world that has been operating in the Philippines for over 132, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation or HSBC. It serves HSBC customers from all over the world. HSBC was established in Hongkong on March 1865. HSBC […]

Access Worldwide

Founded in 1983, Access Worldwide is a forerunner business process outsourcing and marketing company that provides a wide range of communication, sales, back office, IT solutions and related services for numerous companies with different fields of expertise while maintaining its emphasis on augmenting sales through the application of cost effective solutions and innovative business models. […]

What is Back Pay in Call Centers?

Back pay generally pertains to the disparity between the salary received or paid to the employee and the amount the same employee should have been paid. Back pay normally happens when the employee resigns from work or is fired from the company. In case of the latter, where the employee contests the dismissal and wins […]

Wavedrive Philippines

Wavedrive Philippines is an outsourcing company that assist organizations particularly daycare centers, schools and other charity non profit organizations raise funds or raise extra funds for financing a project like an educational activity, purchasing new equipment, improving or expanding educational facilities, and other noble projects that directly benefits the members of the organization or that […]

How to go to Acme BPO Makati?

Question: How to go to Acme BPO Makati? Answer: Acme BPO Consulting Philippines main call center office is currently located in Coherco Corporate Center, along VA Rufino st. (Hererra st.), Makati City. Nearest landmarks to are BDO and German Club Manila restaurant. IF you are coming from EDSA, take a MRT ride to Ayala station; […]

How to go to ABBE Technology Pioneer?

Question: How to go to ABBE Technology Pioneer? Answer: ABBE Technology Solutions Philippines main call center office is currently located in Cityland Condominium, along Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. Nearest landmarks to ABBE Technology Pioneer are PNB Bank, Persiana Restaurant and HMR Philippines. If you are coming from EDSA, the fastest way to ABBE Technology Pioneer […]

How to go to PRoV Makati?

Question: How to go to PRoV Makati? Answer: PRoV International Philippines main call center office is currently located in GT Tower, along Ayala avenue corner HV Dela Costa st., Makati City. Nearest landmarks to PRoV Makati are RCBC Plaza, Max’s Restaurant and Cocolife. If you are coming from EDSA, the fastest way to PRoV Makati […]

How to go to TrueLogic Makati?

Question: How to go to TrueLogic Makati? Answer: TrueLogic Online Solutions main call center office is currently situated in Penthouse 2, Jaka 6780 building, along Ayala avenue, Makati City. Nearest landmarks to TrueLogic Makati are Max’s Restaurant and Jollibee. Residents from South Area (Alabang, Paranaque, Bicutan) can take a FX taxi ride to Ayala and […]

Affiliated Computer Services

Affiliated Computer Services or the (ACS) is a Xerox company which founded in the year 1998. The type of services they rendered focused on Information and technology as well as Business Process Outsourcing or the call center company. The ACS has a parent company known as the Xerox Corporation which acquires ACS in a $6.4 […]

How to go to HG Premiere Makati?

Question: How to go to HG Premiere Makati? Answer: HG Premiere International main call center office is currently located in Finman Building/Merchants Bank Center, along Tordesillas st., Salcedo Village, Makati city. Nearest landmarks to HG Premiere Makati are Chinatrust Bank and Rue Bourbon Bar & Restaurant. If you are coming from EDSA, take the MRT […]