Teledevelopment Philippines

Established in 1991, TeleDevelopment is a global outsourcing company providing back-office solutions specializing in the deployment of experienced professionals and the provision of comprehensive HR solutions. Services of Teledevelopment Philippines included consultation, assessment services, training, executive recruitment and staffing that aids organization to become more streamlined and effective. The consulting services of Teledevelopment cover New […]

Hinduja Global Solutions

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) developed Customer Contact Center Inc., it is a leading call center company based in the Philippines. In the year of 2006 the HGS assimilated AFFINA LLC, it is a contact center database management and marketing research company, and in 2010 a UK based care line services it is a contact center […]

Healing Galing Products & Outlets

Healing Galing is a naturopathy and natural remedies program pioneered and hosted by Dr. Edinell Calvario and Nestor Amistad Tan. The program is essentially an informative program for helping people cure different ailments from simple cases to chronic case of cancer, diabetes and other diseases. The people behind Healing Galing promotes self healing essentially through […]

Affiliated Computer Services

Affiliated Computer Services or the (ACS) is a Xerox company which founded in the year 1998. The type of services they rendered focused on Information and technology as well as Business Process Outsourcing or the call center company. The ACS has a parent company known as the Xerox Corporation which acquires ACS in a $6.4 […]

Basics of Call Center Services

Call Center can be defined as a bodily location where a number of volumes of calls are being handled by an outsourcing company. Frequently a national office used for the reason or purpose of receiving and transmitting large volume of telephone request for the reason of communication and business. The majority of call centers work […]

Call Center Conversation Script

A call center conversation would be the last thing a call center agent would have wanted to hear day in or day out or should we say night in or night out. But for the benefit of those interested in knowing what its like to hear a typical call center conversation scripts, here under are […]

Teradata Philippines

Teradata is an award winning company that gives an integrated, purpose built platforms based on the most powerful, climbable, and dependable technology that uses in the country today. Teradata Philippines is now the number one leading analytic data Solutions Company that directed on the data warehousing, big data analytics and business application that gives actionable […]

Granton World Philippines

Granton World or “G” for short is a Social Commerce shopping website that helps online shoppers on the lookout for the best online deals take advantage and get the most of web and allow people to live more for less. Granton World Philippines contains a list of products and services in practically about anything from […]

Connect2 Philippines

Connect2 Inc. is now the country’s leading call center company. Connect2 Philippines provides different and continuous outsourced customer service solutions all around the globe. They are the company which can rely to when it comes to business. They are open to different agent who are willing to train and practice their business strategy. Agents who […]

Verizon Philippines

Verizon Communications Philippines is now the number one contributors of advanced communications and information technology and services in the country today. Being employed in this prestige company has the advantage of being one of them. When it comes to career growth and to be come well known, Verizon Philippines is your best career choice. Because […]

Yell Adworks

Yell Adworks is part of the Yell group of the International directories business, and the company started its transaction in the year of 1979, and up to this moment the company is still on its heights of success. The Yell Adworks is the number one leading contributor of multimedia advertising services in the part of […]

GlobalBridge Resources

Outsourcing in the Philippines is the number one trend in the business today. Even if it is a small and medium enterprise, engaging in this kind of business is very easy. By giving enough dedication and attention for sure the business will prosper. Base on the story of the GlobalBridge Resources, it only started as […]

P3ople4U Philippines

P3ople4U Philippines is an outsourcing firm that caters in giving outsourcing business services to international business and offshore companies looking to establish their existence in the country. P3ople4U Philippines is mainly a consulting business support services that concentrates largely on information and technology and human capital management. The company has been proven an effective for […]

Macquarie Philippines

Macquarie Philippines is now the number one provider of different banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services in the country today. When it comes to the services mentioned above the company is willing and able to provide services to different clients around he globe. Their worldwide operations can accommodate as many clients as possible […]

Globewest Finance Philippines

Serving your financial needs, Globewest Finance is a loan and financial providing firm that helps individuals and medium scale business organizations reach their dreams by providing the necessary funding support that they need to pursue their endeavors and attain success. Organized in 2004, the company was designed to help fulfill its client’s financial requirements at […]

How to get to Stratpoint Mandaluyong?

Question: How to get to Stratpoint Mandaluyong? Answer: Stratpoint Global Outsourcing main call center office is located in Globe Telecom Plaza, along Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. Residents from Mandaluyong and nearby areas can easily get to via jeepney ride to Robinsons Pioneer; alight in Madison st. and take a 3 minute walk to reach Stratpoint […]

Entertainment Gateway Group

Entertainment Gateway Group (EGG) is an innovative software development and technology company that specializes in offering mobile content and software applications, pioneering digital advertising solutions and excellent technology outsourcing capability. EGG Philippines dedicates itself in solving a company’s present and forthcoming digital pursuits. As one of the early pioneers in value-added mobile services provider, digital […]

How to go to ASIA Call Center Link Mandaluyong?

Question: How to go to ASIA Call Center Link Mandaluyong? Answer: ASIA Call Center Link main call center office is located in Globe Telecom Plaza 2, along Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City. Nearest landmark to Asia Link Mandaluyong is Robinsons Place Pioneer. Residents from Mandaluyong, Boni, Kalentong and nearby areas can take a jeepney ride going […]


The SEOP Asia is a company which garnered an award winning International Internet Marketing Company that is accepted as one of the fastest growing company in the world. Their disseminated offices around the globe work together in order for them to operate, offer and at the same time promote their services around the globe. SEOP […]

ANZ Global Services

ANZ Global Services is an outsourcing and technology industry that caters to different business establishments around the globe. The ANZ Global started for over 175 years of continued services to their clients. The company is committed in building a lasting relationships to their customers as long as their shareholders and communities in 32 countries in […]