How to go to Sidekiiks Greenhills?

Question: How to go to Sidekiiks Greenhills? Answer: Sidekiiks Philippines main call center office is located in Westwood Condominium Tower, along Eisenhower st., Greenhills, San Juan. Nearest landmarks to Sidekiiks Greenhills are Club Filipino and Tiffany Mansion. Residents from San Juan, Sta. Mesa and nearby areas can take a jeepney/bus ride going to Greenhills and […]

How to Avoid Filipinism?

Filipinism generally pertains to the Filipino English, which is the result of the dynamic evolution of the English language when it was adopted by the Filipino people. The adoption process of English would inevitably involve some changes because of the influence of the local culture. This evolution of language is a common phenomenon in as […]

Local Call Centers

Extending Help To Filipino People Through Local Call Centers The demand for customer support in the Philippines has increased in number over the years and that is the reason why local call centers have been born. Through the years, we do not only offer assistance to foreign countries but to fellow Filipinos as well. This […]

Globewest Finance Philippines

Serving your financial needs, Globewest Finance is a loan and financial providing firm that helps individuals and medium scale business organizations reach their dreams by providing the necessary funding support that they need to pursue their endeavors and attain success. Organized in 2004, the company was designed to help fulfill its client’s financial requirements at […]