IMS Health Philippines

IMS Health is a premier provider of information, services and technology for the healthcare industry around the globe. Established on 1954 by Bill Frohlich and David Dubow, IMS started as a market research company that incapacitates firms to make informed, strategic business decisions. With over half a century of experience, the company has integrated expertise […]


Navagis is a global IT service firm that helps enterprise organizations from the telecommunication, utility, agriculture, and government sectors in creating industry specific operating maps and solutions for decision makers. This operating map allows companies a comprehensive visual overview of a market or area to allow managers to better plan its strategies to generate more […]

Global Crossing

Global Crossing Limited is a leading global communications provider of tier 1 network communications that provided computer networking services across the world. It managed a backbone network that delivered internet connection between countries. It was founded by Gary Winnick, Abbott L. Brown, David L. Lee, and Barry Porter in 1997 through Pacific Capital Group. In […]

CQuadrant Philippines

CQuadrant Call Center is a business process outsourcing company founded in 2000 by David Fernando that specializes in inbound and outbound call center services. CQuadrant Philippines is essentially part of the Nextstage Group of companies which is composed of a range of companies that is related to information technology such as Infinite-E for web and […]

Litnik Communications

Established in 2007, Litnik Communications (formerly Litnik Telecommunication LTD) is a business process outsourcing company founded by Litlyn Vistal, Nikolaos Spanoudis, Mark Rudd, Ioannis Kallias, and David Tee. Litnik Communications Philippines essentially provides telemarketing, telesales, customer care support and technical support services primarily catering US, Canadian, UK and Australian market. The founders are actively involved in […]

Emerson Process Management

Emerson Process Management is one of the five business platforms of Emerson, a global manufacturing and technology company that provides a broad spectrum of technology products and services in the industrial, commercial and consumer markets. The other business platforms of Emerson included Industrial Automation, Network Power, Climate Technologies, and Commercial & Residential Solutions. Emerson Process […]

Zylun Philippines

Zylun started in 2010 by Brigham Tomco and David Kasteler as premier partner and outsourcing solutions provider focusing on staffing for technical positions and especially targeting small and medium sized enterprises. The founders recognize the critical importance of SMEs in the economy and find the need for them to take advantage of a highly skilled […]

NCO Group Call Center

Headquartered in Horsham USA and with over 80 years of business experience, NCO Group is an international leader in providing business process outsourcing services specializing in on receivable management, customer relationship management and other support office services. NCO Group call center operates in over 100 locations in 11 countries across the world including the US, […]