Asia Netcom

Asia Netcom evolved from the creation of the submarine telecommunications cable system to connect countries in Asia, the Pacific, and the United States known as EAC (East Asia Crossing) through the joint ventures of Global Crossing, Microsoft and Softbank. The dotcom crash in 2002 forced the venture to sell its assets to a consortium led […]

Ascend Asia

Ascend Asia is the philippines rising call center. As its name signifies, Ascend Asia call center is a sales and marketing service provider aimed at leading its clients to rise above their competitors. As a partner of many renowned global corporations, Ascend Asia relies on its industrial leadership position, robust management team, impressive and extensive […]

Rainmaker Asia

Rainmaker Asia is a publicly traded business outsourcing provider that specializes in sales and marketing. Rainmaker Asia has been operating in the Philippines since 1999. There are essentially two ways that a business can improve its earnings – by expanding its market or improving its sales and by reducing its expenses or costs. Rainmaker Asia […]

How to go to ASEC Asia Alabang?

Question: How to go to ASEC Asia Alabang? Answer: ASEC Asia Philippines main call center office is located in Asian Star Building, within Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang. Residents from North area (Quezon City, Pasig, Makati) can take a bus ride to Alabang; ask if the bus driver can drop you near Festival mall; if not […]

Acquire Asia Pacific Philippines

Acquire Asia Pacific Philippines is a BPO company that specializes in the planning, application and management of a company’s customer service solutions with a particular niche is Australasia, Canada and the USA. Acquire Asia Philippines offers a exclusive melange of operational and strategic capabilities. With a unremitting emphasis on quality, Acquire Asia offers its clients […]

Asia Teleservices

Asia Teleservices is the customer service management arm of Asia Telecom, a Telecommunications company establishing in Hong Kong in 1997 that provides the PSTN Interconnect Code 1611 platform. Asia Teleservices Philippines provides telecom products and others services aimed to address the specific needs of individual and corporate clients at competitively affordable prices, supported by a […]

ASECAsia Philippines

ASECAsia Philippines is a U.S. based business process outsourcing company that provides an all inclusive approach to fully support business in enhancing performance and productivity. ASEC Asia Philippines prides itself with its integrated American style approach to management and backed up by 25 years of experience to its more than 200 international BPO clients in […]

Pinoy Partners Outsourcing Center

Pinoy Partners Outsourcing Center Inc. (PPOC Inc.) is a business process outsourcing firm founded in 2011 by by Edward Moore and Patrick Freking. Pinoy Partners is an affiliate of the US based outsourcing firm, Cloud8sixteen, family of BPO companies engaged in SEO, live website chat, and mobile application development services. The companies of Cloud8sixteen, Inc. […]

Omega Direct Response Asia

Omega Call Center is short for Omega Direct Response Inc. (OMDR), a relatively new BPO company of outsourced call center services. Omega Call Center was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. In 2008, the company is a subsidiary of Silverline Technologies, Ltd.. Omega Direct Response specializes in inbound, outbound and multilingual customer […]

TD Outsourcing Philippines

TD Outsourcing (TDO) is a division of the Hong Kong based outsourcing group, TD Holdings (TDH) along with Top Draw Animation, TD Holdings and Mango Distribution. Top Draw Animation engaged in providing preproduction (storyboards, location, design, model, and props design, background colour and colour styling) and production services (flashtoons, boom harmony, library creation, digial asset […]

How to go to Azeus Systems Ortigas?

Question: How to go to Azeus Systems Ortigas? Answer: Azeus Systems Philippines main call center office is currently located in West Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Phil. Stock Exchange Center is also known as Tektite Tower. Nearest landmarks to are Metrobank, Union Bank and BDO. Residents from Pasig, Antipolo and nearby areas […]

How to go to Top Draw Ortigas?

Question: How to go to Top Draw Ortigas? Answer: Top Draw Animation main call center office is currently situated in Tektite West Tower (Philippine Stock Exchange Center), along Exchange road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Nearest landmarks to Top Draw Ortigas are Unionbank and BDO. Residents from Quiapo, Sta. Mesa, Mandaluyong and nearby areas can take […]

How to go to Aon Hewitt Ortigas?

Question: How to go to Aon Hewitt Ortigas? Answer: Aon Hewitt Philippines has a satellite call center office located in East Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Center (Tektite), along Exchange road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Nearest landmarks to Aon Hewitt Ortigas are BDO, Unionbank and Lopez Museum. Residents from Pasig, Cainta, Rizal and nearby areas can […]

How to go to BCM Uphone Ortigas?

Question: How to go to BCM Uphone Ortigas? Answer: BCM Uphone Philippines main call center office is currently located in West Tower of Philippine Stock Exchange Centre building (Tektite Towers), along Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Nearest landmarks to BCM Uphone Ortigas are BDO, Starbucks and Lopez Museum. Residents from Pasig, Antipolo and nearby […]

Training School for Call Centers

While call center industry in the Philippines continually grows and the demand for call center agents still increases, getting employment to companies is still very competitive. A college degree is not an assurance of getting hired in a call center company. Instead, fluency in English communication is the key to getting employed. This means that […]

Pilipinas Teleserv

Pilipinas Teleserv is a contact center founded in the advent on the millennium that offers customer management services in multiple formats including voice, email, social networks, forums and even face to face contact. As one of the pioneers in the Philippine based contact center services, Pilipinas Teleserv call center is also a founding member of […]

Call Center Pick up Lines

Pick up lines are essentially off the rack or spontaneous dialogues typically used by men to initiate a dialogue or a conversation with a woman. These are lines that are intended to flatter, catch the attention, stimulate interest or cause a woman to smile which is the first step to get to know a girl […]