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The SSS or Social Security system is the government arm mandated to develop and promote a viable, universal and equitable social security protection strategy to the Filipinos working in the private sector. This is in line with the state policy to establish, develop and promote a social security system that will provide considerable protection to workers and their families especially against the risks of old age, disability, sickness and death, among others. SSS is thus the government’s strategy to provide social security protection to workers and their beneficiaries.

Four standards were explicit set by the state in providing such service namely, viability, universality, equitability and world class service. The first pertains to the ability of the program to effectively sustain itself. The second ensures such program will be non discriminatory and will be available for all Philippine residents both citizens and non-citizens. Equitability pertains to the fairness and uniformity of its coverage. And finally, world class service means that the program adheres to international standards of quality in terms of accuracy and promptness.

The headquarters of the SSS is located in the SSS Building East Avenue, Diliman Quezon City, with the following contact information (632) 920-6401, (632) 920-6446. The SSS call center refers to the call center that handles the SSS hotline number which is 917-7777 for globe line subscribers and 920-6446 up to 55 for PLDT subscribers. The call center operates from Monday to Friday except holidays.

One can also make inquiries by sending text messages to SSS at 2600. SSS Inquiries can include information on monthly contributions, loan status, and eligibility requirements for loans, claims status of loan and other concerns. The SSS call center however is currently available only in NCR and other specified areas in Luzon. Other metro centers around the country have different contact numbers for SSS inquiries. Following is a list of contact numbers to dial depending on the member’s location: Baguio City (446-5902), Tarlac City (982-8739), San Pablo City (562-9289), Naga City (472-7776), Cebu City (234-2053), Bacolod City (433-9476), Cagayan de Oro City (727-707), Davao City (227-7273), and Zamboanga City (992-2014)

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