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Stardibs Corporation

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Stardibs.com is an online auctioning company of pre-owned items especially of local stars or celebrities. It specially caters to fans who collect memorabilia or things related directly to someone famous as well as consumers looking for quality products and items with the value of their money. Stardibs Philippines caters admirers, aficionados and provides link between fans and their favorite showbiz personalities. It allows people the opportunity to own items that were owned and used by famous stars in the Philippines.

Stardibs Corporation auctions pre-owned items of celebrities and a mix of regular and unique brand-new items including clothes as well as regular and unique brand-new items and gadgets. It also differs from other online auction sites because it implements a “reverse auction” system in which the buyer that bids the lower price for every time a bid is placed wins the auction. In this way, buyers get items in very low prices. Here in Stardibs, every Star can cost for as low as Php 2.85/bid, plus increments are only Php 1 cent.

Stardibs Corporation provides a pay to play auction format in which a bidder needs to pay to participate in the bidding. It also provides bargain prices for regular items hence items can be acquired cheaper than traditional auctioning. Stardibs Philippines also provides a thrilling experience for many people because it allows ordinary people including those who do not have much money to win the auction. Finally, the company assures that all celebrity items are genuine and comes with a “Certificate of Provenance”.

Stardibs Philippines call center office location:

  • Stardibs Ortigas
    G/F East of Galleria Condominium
    Topaz Road, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City, Philippines

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