Tagalog CSR Jobs

Tagalog CSR Jobs basically refer to customer service representatives that communicate in Tagalog or a mix of Tagalog and English. Most available Tagalog CSR Jobs usually pertain to call center of local companies that caters the local market.

These include financial institutions such as credit card companies that uses a call center to call on clients for credit collection, telecommunications companies, that use call centers to provide technical support to Filipinos (about their telephone account, billing, internet connection problems and other inquiries), local fast food restaurants that operates a call center to receive orders and government agencies which use a call center for inquiries and transaction applications (e.g. NSO, SSS), among others. Still there are small local companies that have a call center because the nature of their work involves remote or online transactions such as Virtual Gift Online Co. Ltd.

Aside from these local companies, there are also MSN call center companies that have Tagalog CSR jobs. In most cases, qualifications for these types of jobs are similar to a typical English CSR such as willingness/ availability in day Time or Night Time, Good Conversational Skills, a great sense of professionalism, college education, etc. Call center companies requiring Tagalog CSR usually handles a local account.

Examples of such companies included Excel Asia, Economi-Call, Inc., One Contact Center, E-telecare, Sterling Global Call center, and Creative Enterprises Management Group, among others. In some cases, these companies also hire Tagalog CSR or bilingual CSR (one can speak both in English and in Filipino) to handle accounts in the US that especially caters Filipino American Market. For instance, a company engaged in online remittance services, online immigration services, online travel services, etc. to the Filipino-American community, may require a Tagalog speaking or a bilingual customer service representative.

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