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TCL Corporation or TCL for short is a multinational electronics company established on 1981 in Guangdong, China. The company’s primary products included air conditioners, cellular phones, personal computers and other home appliances. In the Philippines however, TCL is especially known for its Television, whether flat, conventional, LCD, LED or 3D.

Incidentally, it is now the sixth largest TV manufacturer in the world and is now considered as a global leader in consumer electronics.

The company’s rapid rise to fame is catapulted by its aggressive industrial creativity. TCL was the first to launch a diamond-studded cellular phone which became a marketable commodity to the elite class of the world. It was also the first to develop an LCD TV that incorporated the shape of the Eiffel Tower. This pioneering and inventive designs of TCL had placed the company alongside the most innovative electronic companies in the world like Sony, Sharp, and Samsung, among others.

As part of its after sales customer service support, TCL in the Philippines have designated and authorized service centers that are strategically located in urban centers nationwide. These authorized TCL service centers are trained by TCL servicemen to diagnose and conduct repair of TCL products. The list of authorized service centers for the TCL appliances are written in the warranty card in the appliance that you bought.

However, for other service inquiries, you may contact its service department at 567-3943 and mobile number 0932-1464967. You can also directly email the Service supervisor, Mr Raymond Dela Cruz at or so that he can advise you where is the nearest service center in your area.

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