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TCL Corporation or TCL for short is a multinational electronics company established on 1981 in Guangdong, China. The company’s primary products included air conditioners, cellular phones, personal computers and other home appliances. In the Philippines however, TCL is especially known for its Television, whether flat, conventional, LCD, LED or 3D.

Incidentally, it is now the sixth largest TV manufacturer in the world and is now considered as a global leader in consumer electronics.

The company’s rapid rise to fame is catapulted by its aggressive industrial creativity. TCL was the first to launch a diamond-studded cellular phone which became a marketable commodity to the elite class of the world. It was also the first to develop an LCD TV that incorporated the shape of the Eiffel Tower. This pioneering and inventive designs of TCL had placed the company alongside the most innovative electronic companies in the world like Sony, Sharp, and Samsung, among others.

As part of its after sales customer service support, TCL in the Philippines have designated and authorized service centers that are strategically located in urban centers nationwide. These authorized TCL service centers are trained by TCL servicemen to diagnose and conduct repair of TCL products. The list of authorized service centers for the TCL appliances are written in the warranty card in the appliance that you bought.

However, for other service inquiries, you may contact its service department at 567-3943 and mobile number 0932-1464967. You can also directly email the Service supervisor, Mr Raymond Dela Cruz at or so that he can advise you where is the nearest service center in your area.

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28 Responses to “TCL Service Center”

  1. aksidenteng nbato ng laruan ng anak ko un 32″ led ko , 2weeks plng xa smin kbnli lng kc nmin at mdalang mgmit dhl me mha work kmi , mgkno kya aabutin ng screen nun ?

  2. where is the nearest repair center here in manila?

  3. Angelo sena

    Where can I buy a smartpen for my tv 32′ please reply as soon as possible…

  4. angelo acot

    where can i bring my defective 32 inches led tv

  5. gene Dadobo

    how much the price of inverter/power supply of your 32 inch LCD tv

  6. eduardo

    sir,pinagawa ko yung crt tv 21inches na flat screen sa official service center ng tcl sa pampanga,dahil every time nag off yung screen,sabi nila ok na at nag palit sila ng ic memory at mylar, pag uwi ko ng bahay wala pang 15 minutes nag off na naman ang screen, pag balik ko sa kanila hangga ngayon wala pang malinaw na detalye, kung ano na ang sira, sabi tatawag nalang sila pero hangga ngayon wala paring tawag sa akin at kailangan kupang i follow up, pagka follow up ku naman sasabihin tatawag nalang sila,pero nakalagay dito sa website ninyo well trained ang mga repair technician ng tcl, sana mabigyan ng salusyon yung problema ng tv ko ng tcl personel…retpectfully your’s

    • annie

      pwedeng makuha ang address ng service center dito sa pampanga?ganyan din problema ng tv ko 42 inches bigla na lng nag shutdown.

  7. bassam

    i update software for my tcl led TV after that my tv give power but no show it seem that the update damage the system

  8. marvin mirones

    ano kaya no ng playback ng model tcl-2116 erase n kc

  9. michael t ramos

    good day,
    where can i buy remote control for the lcd model L32E9B,or same function for the said model,pls help us to find.
    thanks and regards,

  10. Ethelyn Hahne

    I bought my tcl 40″ LED Tv 2011 of June. Before its one year, it just wouldn’t turn on, so the repairman came and fix it. Last March 2013, same thing happened. The tv was working quite well during the evening, we turned it off. The next morning it wont turn on again. I called TCL and they suggested I call Tronix Master. They get the tv, and apparently I have to pay 9500 for the repair since its the board that is not working. I talked to them and protested that for a tv that is not even two years, with that kind of defect, I would feel rob paying for it. So they lessen it down to 5500 and apparently the TCL office will be the one to repair it. After more than a month, May 2013, they brought back the tv only when they tried to show me that it is already working, it did not turn on again. So, its still the on/off button that has a problem. They took it again and up to now, soon it will be two months, we did not hear of anything yet from TCL, or tronix. I demand that you do something about this. For a TV that has not been used for two years and with that kind of problem, then your product must havebeen defective from the very start. I would certainly not buy any of your f… product again and I will sure recommend to my relatives and friends not to patronize your products. Ethelyn Hahne

  11. Awi

    San pinaka malapit na service center TCL crt tv sa cebu? thanks

  12. ROBERT

    may nabili ako na tcl na TV 32 inch sa Valenzuela outlet 2 month ko lang nagamit kumukurap kurap na ano kaya ang problema at saan malapit na na svcx center nyo dto sa loction ko Quezon city area

  13. antonio almoete

    san ang pinakamalapit na service center niyo na malapit sa sta ana manila

  14. Ma Russel Magdugo

    I bought a TCL Led TV model 39d30 last October 21 2012, around December 2012 unstable na ang screen ng TV but with audio on and off siya. I send it to your service center in lab & Electronics last January, it took a month before it was repaired due to unavailability of parts. Then this March again we encountered same problem from time to time daytime or night time the TV screen is on and off but with audio. I just wonder, why your company sell pour quality of TV. How can you solve this kind of problem, it seems that it’s not worth to consumers to spend money for TCL brand. Hope to hear from your soon.

  15. Fe Vibar

    I bought a TCL Led TV last December, 2012, kaso this week di na po namin magamit, especially pag daytime kc unstable na ung pictures nya… ang sounds ok.. pero ung picture parang nag-oon and off sya.. ung parang unstable ang signal.. what could be the problem? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  16. rj

    do you have any service center in davao city?

  17. David Eugene Brunet

    my TCL led TV had lost its pic when still there is sound. I want to ask where is the nearest repair shop near Pasig Area?

  18. where can i buy a parts of my led tv model led40f3300f im residential at metro manila

  19. Ella

    How to disable the start up sound in my TCL LED TV? Thanks.

  20. jun zoleta

    where can i buy a new led panel of my tcl 19d20 tv in philippines .thanks

  21. Rodel Buena

    i have a 24 TCL led tv, they told me that it is ready for all media format, but why it can’t play .avi and flv file format?i just bought it last January 14, 2013.

  22. jude gutierrez

    i bought a 32 inch lcd tv last year, i didnt notice that on the left lower side of the display had a small red marks or a dot and i believe that there is a problem with the pixel… i did call the customer service affiliated with TCL its tronix master here in the philippines…a repairman went to our house, they get my warranty form and xerox copy of the receipt, then after a week i talked to a lady who used to work in tronix master here in mandaluyong, and TCL said to them that its allowable, they wouldnt replace or repair my t.v. because its only a small red dot and still can use the t.v for a long time, what a crap answer coming from them… thats why there is warranty, i dont want to see my t.v that had a factory defect, i need satisfaction… please do help me with this matter… i wouldnt bought a t.v that thers a factory defect… – JUDE GUTIERREZ

  23. i have a 29″ tcl lcd tv, when i used this as my pc monitor, a couple of minutes watching movie and playing games, the screen becomes green and blurry, i tried adjusting the resolution and turning the menu to tv and back to pc, the screen gets ok for awhile then the problems occurs again.. what should be the solution for this.. i bought this tv last jan 11, 2013, friday.

  24. doris olivan

    my tcl tv ay ok pag naka program sa tv. however, pag nakaset na siya sa pc, ok ito for awhile, after several minutes kusa nagshut off ito, although pag pinindut ko ang menu at nilipat sa tv then pinsudtin ko ulit ang pc, balik din ung dati na page na dati ko nakaopen before kusa ito nagshut there probelm with the television or just the program? bago lang ito..ang rarely use dahil nasa kabila ko house ito nilagay dati.ngayon lang talaga nagagamit..mga 6 mos na ito since ng nabili ko..please contact me sa email.ty


    Where can I buy original remote control of TCL LED TV? Please help. Thanks

  26. Jun B. Dagdag

    Where can I buy original remote control of TCL Hybrid TV? Please help. Thanks

  27. ryan cia

    I hope you can fix my LED TV sooner. It has been more than a month now. According to your service center (AVS Paranaque), you do not have available spare LED driver board. Hope you always have spares for defective parts of your products.

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