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Founded since 1978 and currently with over a 120,000 employees in 200+ service centers in 50 countries around the world, Teleperformance is one of the largest BPO companies in the world that provides services in 66 different languages for major international companies across different various industries. Teleperformance Philippines transforms passion into excellence by believing on people, working for people, inspiring to get things done, motivating to make a difference and by establishing a very intimate partnership with its clients to the extent that it considers its clients’ business as their own.

Teleperformance Philippines is a company recognized as one of the top providers of outsourced customer experience management services in the country. The company was established here in the Philippines in 1996, and has significantly expanded to transform into a preferred offshore provider of call center outsourcing. Teleperformance currently has over 41,000 employees and functions more than 26,500 workstations in a total of 16 business offices situated across Metro Manila and other various locations including Antipolo, Baguio, Bacolod, Cebu and Davao. This 2015, the company observes its 19th year of continued outstanding performance and leadership in the country. This emphasizes the company’s dedication to continuously provide the best employment for the Filipinos.

Teleperformance Philippines started its operations in 1996 and since then evolved as the most preferred offshoring call center in the world, which translated to its continued expansion in the country. Teleperformance Philippines branches are now constituted with over 10,500 workstations and over 16,000 local professionals in nine contact centers strategically dispersed in the central urban areas of the Philippines namely, Manila, Bacolod City and Cebu City.

Because of Teleperformance Philippines rapid expansion and commitment for the welfare of its human resources, Teleperformance Philippines was named “BPO Employer of 2011”. Technology and innovation forms part of the pillars of the company, but more importantly, Teleperformance Philippines believes that its human resource is its greatest asset and strength because the call center industry is primarily delivered by the people. Thus, Teleperformance Philippines provides the most lucrative and generous compensation packages that attracts and retains only the best employees in the industry.

Teleperformance has various call centers in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila. Teleperformance Philippines began operations in the Philippines in 1996 and has grown to become a preferred offshore contact center outsourcing option to the Philippines and U.S. markets.

Teleperformance Philippines was ranked in the teleservices industry Top 50* in its first year of operation, the youngest company ever to achieve this status. It has also won recognition as one of the fastest-growing teleservices agencies in the United States while maintaining its reputation as a quality-driven, client-focused outsourcing partner.

As one of the leading business process outsource (BPO) companies her in the Philippines, Teleperformance provides customer service manpower to clients and business owners from different industries. Thus, the company caters to following verticals:
– Automotive Transportation
– Broadband Internet, DSL
– Energy and Utilities
– Financial Services
– Games
– Government
– Healthcare
– Insurance
– Manufacturing
– Media and Publishing
– Pharmaceuticals
– Retail
– Services
– Technology
– Telecommunications
– Travel and Tourism

Teleperfomance is known to be a people company. The company does business with people for people. It desires its people to become inspired and to be motivated, and the company wants for its employees to be proud to be a part of the group of talented and skilled individuals by providing them job satisfaction and enjoyable work environment. At Teleperformance, one can really enhance his or her potential. It identifies its people’s dedication, performance, results and potential. Interested parties and successful applicants will definitely become a member of the team that is recognized as a world-wide leader, and there are more than a hundred thousand Teleperformance employees around the globe. The company might be consisted of teams that are of different cultures, genders, races, languages and religion, but they all have one focus, dedication and commitment – and that is, the commitment to excellence. These people are also socially responsible, and this social responsibility which is known to be global, together with their environmental efforts, have greatly impacted the local communities where these people live and work. They are over 120,000, who work together and collaborate in order to bulid a better world. Teleperformance believes that its people is its number one asset, and so the company takes good care of its employees.

Teleperformance Philippines call centers are located in:

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