Teleperformance Philippines

Founded since 1978 and currently with over a 120,000 employees in 200+ service centers in 50 countries around the world, Teleperformance is one of the largest BPO companies in the world that provides services in 66 different languages for major international companies across different various industries. Teleperformance Philippines transforms passion into excellence by believing on people, working for people, inspiring to get things done, motivating to make a difference and by establishing a very intimate partnership with its clients to the extent that it considers its clients’ business as their own.

Teleperformance Philippines started its operations in 1996 and since then evolved as the most preferred offshoring call center in the world, which translated to its continued expansion in the country. Teleperformance Philippines branches are now constituted with over 10,500 workstations and over 16,000 local professionals in nine contact centers strategically dispersed in the central urban areas of the Philippines namely, Manila, Bacolod City and Cebu City.

Because of Teleperformance Philippines rapid expansion and commitment for the welfare of its human resources, Teleperformance Philippines was named “BPO Employer of 2011”. Technology and innovation forms part of the pillars of the company, but more importantly, Teleperformance Philippines believes that its human resource is its greatest asset and strength because the call center industry is primarily delivered by the people. Thus, Teleperformance Philippines provides the most lucrative and generous compensation packages that attracts and retains only the best employees in the industry.

Teleperformance has various call centers in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila. Teleperformance Philippines began operations in the Philippines in 1996 and has grown to become a preferred offshore contact center outsourcing option to the Philippines and U.S. markets.

Teleperformance Philippines was ranked in the teleservices industry Top 50* in its first year of operation, the youngest company ever to achieve this status. It has also won recognition as one of the fastest-growing teleservices agencies in the United States while maintaining its reputation as a quality-driven, client-focused outsourcing partner.

Teleperformance Philippines call centers are located in:

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adonis says: guys unang una hindi naman kayo magagalit sa TP kung nasa company parin kayo. nabasa ko merong galit sa accounting sa trainers, accms and sa kung kanikanino pa. guys binigyan tyo ng chance ng tp to be part of their team, siguro its not to much to ask kung magpasalamat muna tyo sa TP sa mga bagay na naitulong stin bago tyo magcomment. Totoo, na may kabagalan nga accounting and yung HR and yung mga higher managements may negative tyong napapansin, pero di natin mapapansin lahat yung kung di tyo binigyan ng chance ng tp na makapasok. im with tp for 5 years now pero nandito parin ako. marame parin kame na tumatagal, kasi di nyo gusto comments ko eh, pero guys sana take it to consider yung mga nabili nyo, nagastos nyo dahil sa tulong ng TP. di lang po ito para sa tp company but for our own sake narin. wala po sana magalit this is just my comment. thanks

im giving teleperformance usa a 5 because this call center gave me a great experience when i was with them… TPUSA Rocks!

That’s why they made a recruitment center in MRT Station, Mandaluyong City at mall which has so many people passing by as walk-in applicants

i am trying to call the mandaluyong office ,to inquire about the bacolod office’s opening, since 6PM and yahoo(!) till now no one answers the phone….time is 7:26PM

This is where i found my true loVe in Teleperformance. But then JOB wise….. PLEASE…….do not even consider being part of the 17th floor. That floor is CREEPY….

i was trained well here at teleperformance.. i dont regret that I worked for tehis company, I’ve learned alot.. I had the best trainer James for my accent& AL for my product training..(SPRINT) but the compensation and work pressure the new ACM and the new

(cont…)….and the new sup.. im a Manager at a different call center..(back at ya!) teleperformance hehehe!!!

If the management still is not aware of it, your Recruitment office is impossible to contact. I have been trying to call them for 3 days now, and i either get a busy signal or it just rings and rings until you’ll decide to hang.

ive been working for this company for 1 yr never regret that ive work here bec sprint is really cool,but the problem is the management that work for sprint.they dont know how to treat their employees.they dont have a word promise to employees.

attn:accounting department they are not doing thier job.they will tell you to do this things and they will not do thier t u job.they will have to let u call then informed you its nt yet processed.ive talk to a previous agent working here saying that ac

cont..ijust hope the HR dept will tend to have this people do thier jobs.TP USA is a cust service dept.all employees should be able to provide cust satisfaction

to randy: please do something to give hazard pay to agents,,and include the family member in the health card,,,,leave no agent behind

just wanna ask, what r d requirement needed here?kindly pose it.. anyone can reply me, well appreciated!!! Do i have to prepare nbi, police clearance, sss, medical? tnx a lot… gudday everybody..CHEERS!!!!!!!

Teleperformance as a compony is kinda ok…but,, some trainors are very boring and stiff…

ASTIG VERIZON Account SA TP>>> DAMI OT DOLLARS>> one of the BEST!!!!!

TELEPERFORMANCE!!! cool, ok na din specially Sprint account, where you can develop a lot of patience, take note patience sa customer, team mates, supervisor and specially sa management. I dont know if HR knows dis, may SL and VL benefits nga kami pero on

Ill show you my payslip 35k Tax amf ! 70k cut off amf…sarap OT !

I love this company. The new location at EDSA Central is Ideal! They are investing more in their people and their management… it’s getting better and thats a good thing!

I have worked very hard within the technical field and different techical call centers in the valley. I am A+ Certified and totally qualified for employment for many of them. But one specifically (Teleperformance) looked p

Ok ang training sa TP, except for 1-me napromote na ACCM naging CCM d2 me affair sa isang TL, this is supposed 2b an HR issue kc ang ACCM ang nagmamanipulate ng sweldo ng TL,kahit puro absences me stafftime paren(hows that?)ang maganda pa nun napromote p

TP rocks!! Sa komisyon pa lang hindi mo na iisipin ang basic pay mo.. SPRINT Account is the best! Kahit irate pa cust basta malaki pera dito hehe

GO TP astig! Sprint accnt the best!!

Sana magkaroon ng hazard pay yun lang naman eh tsaka transpo allowance, pede po ba? plsss

haaay excited n ako mg work d2 mgnda b ang cricket accnt?? can someone tell me plzzz

I loved turbotax kahit mahirap na technical account, but the environment that’s really good, it’s fun!!! may mga L2 lang na epal!!!

The Verizon acct is so challenging, ang hirap ng training. Good thing ok ang mga trainors, lalo na sina MO and NEIL. Ang kyut pa. Hehehe. TP-tektite the best! “Thank you for choosing verizon, we’re always here for you.” Hehehe

TP-tektite (Verizon): The best!!! you feel good when you work for this account. Everythin seems nice. Sana ganito palagi. Ngayon lang naging ok sakin ang company na pinapasukan ko. I don’t mind the routine. Good times naman

The best ang TP, galing ng trainor {HOT ROD}ur the man!!! keep it up. God bless u sir and ur family. c u aroud!!!hehe!remember those words?

miss jek ur the coolest person i ever met . Magresign man me sa TP wla me pagsi3han, thanks sa lahat ng mga advice mo skin malaki maitu2long skin nun sa ibang work na aaplyan ko. god bless u always miss jek{dragonesa ituring pero super galing parang barka

sprint team were the best

recommended ko talaga ang TP…kaya lng panget ang site sa octagon parang my momooohhh… go CRICKET account-kahit cuing minsan at dighay lng ang pahinga ok lng, petix din naman minsan… my free pa kaming jollibee, sana my jollibee araw2x…bwahahaha..

Haaay…its really great working at TP…especially for those like me who are undergrads and still with no diploma to show or brag…Hehehehe…We cant hide the fact that the pay is high and the people are cool! This especially goes to Ms.Rice who really

I love TP

ei guys question! magkano pay dito sa tp for entry levels? for those who have call center experience already?

The best trainer Kat Anselmo…she taught us the basic which is the foundation of anything extending to complex…APPROACHABLE PROF PA!LOL!. Ok pay, sarap OT, ok ang management at mga kasama…Sprint Wave 4 Bacolod Rocks! Carlo, Andrew and Ishi

TP Bacolod Sprint. Wena the best sup…kahit pregnant marunong magdala ng tungkulin! Hwag kang mag alala, naiintindihan ka namin pag minsan mainit na ulo mo sa amin. Lol. Carlo, Andrew and Ishi

TP Bacolod: The best ang environment…suggestion lang sa mga IT, lagyan nyo naman ng ANTIVIRUS Kahit AVG lang ang mga computer sa Internet lounge…nagka virus tuloy. wala ng magamit na mga PC. Pag nagkulang sa isang bagay, dapat na pansinin at pabutihin

TP Bacolod: Sprint account BERRY GOOD…ANG TAMIS MO. Matututo ka talaga ng totoong pag tatrabaho sa CALL CENTER di gaya ng ibang account na petix. Daming calls at sarisari mga inquiries from billing to their technical issues…banat.

i got hired on october 2007, i am with the verizon account in tp, we were trained to troubleshoot dsl modems and connections issues but most of the calls i got so far were order status and billing issues 🙂 which i wasn’t trained to handle. we’re suppos

i was scheduled for training in convergys for collections acct but i was hired as tech in TP, salary is very in, don’t know how to spend it. but AB? hmmm…not really! well, newei I really like CRICKET it, thanks TP.

magkano starting ng dito? ano benefits?

agents ng cricket account dyan sa tp..pakiayos naman ung pagtransfer sa billing at activation/ di ba kau tinuri\uan magprovision ng account at mga prorated minutes and charges? billing/activation muna kasi bago magtech or jump para lam yung gagawin sa acc

to TP Cricket account: onga naman. i heard expertise daw ng TP ang tech support.. pero san ka naman nakakita, HANDSET ISSUE, TRANSFERRED TO BILLING DEPT..!?! begin with basics kc muna para d nagmumukhang engot..^_^

TP Cricket account: please do not transfer tech issues to Activations or Billing if you can’t resolve them. That’s the reason why you guys are TECH TRAINED.

Si Marie Cajarito ang the best diyan. Pagtatanggol ka kung dapat. I love you, marie

Si Francis lang cool dito. Too bad wala na sya. So now di na talaga ok to work in TP! BOOOOOOOO!!!! =(

Edsa central HR:it depends on the person handling you for that day, not the company, not all people are bad. peace bros and sis (n_n) I do think TP is a good company… for starters, the lady who gave me my briefi

like sup P from the epson account.he doesnt treat his reps as reps but as family.kaya ayaw sya iwan ng mga reps nya maski may better offer na sa kanila sa ibang company.

CRICKET tech support you dont transfer phone on VACATION SUSPENSION to cust service or billing and activation dept you xfer it to “saves team” you should know better.

Mga chong, this is the only company I know of na kaya magpasweldo ng more than 50k for commission na walang Third Party Verification. Click ka lang ng click pagdating ng payslip gulat ka sa laki ng sweldo. TP is the best!!!

ive been with Sykes and Conv,all I can say is TP is the best among the rest!!! I resigned to work to another call canter but I came back bec I really felt that TP is my ideal co.

I’ve been with TP for more than a year now, got promoted to TL in 6 months and i’m on my 3rd account now. As for Cricket agents not know when to xfer what, it’s not like everyone knows what they’re doing?

For all callcenter agents that are looking for a better opportunity. Apply na kayo sa Nucomm sa may tiendesitas lang ang office nila. It’s the best place to work. Sobrang cool ng building nila at office. At nag HR recruitment nila ay the best.

Pano mo naman nasabi na OK sa Nucomm e nde pa nag llaunch yung callcenter na yun sa tiendesitas. Gaano ka ka sure na secure yung company? Ilang taon na ba sila sa call center? Mahirap maghikayat ng tao na indi ka naman sigurado sa sinasabi mo

TP philippines – Epson account is the best! mwahh!

Nageexxpand nga yung company eh…compared to Sykes,mataas sweldo sa TP and people are more friendly here…Sykes sucks!

Tp…I’ll be back…soon…love this company very much that I cant help myself repeating it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE TP!!!!

Epson is the BEST account in TP. I’ve been with 3 diff accounts and ONLY Epson is the finest. Good people, excellent management, pro-agent! Excited for the weekly theme day! Wave 17 rocks!

my 1st call center exp! SPRINT rocks! american bosses are hot! lol. guys you shud take advantage of the gym sa edsa central. masaya sna kaso lately ang gulo ng payroll! and me nakawan pa ng headset! sobrang gulo na!

astig sprint account kasi laki magpakumisyon… pero tp itself

tp philippines- tektite great people, great working environment.. pati HR.. well, depende na lng siguro sa experience ng bawat individual..

nkktakot naman work d2. oks mba d2?

visor benedict hijara….the best sa sprint.panalo mag alaga ng tao

boss benedict…..ok yan super galing na leader….hail BENEDICT HIJARA SPRINT ACCT.

TP BACOLOD: I’m one of the CRS from TP Bacolod and was transferred to to TP EDSAC. Pambihira…di ko akalain DODOBLE salary me…LOL DID I SAY THAT LOUD? It’s pretty cool working with this company. Although problems di maiiwasan pero dapat lang na asikasu

TP Bacolod: D best talaga company na to. TIPS LANG…nako dapat na mgkroon tayo ng good relationship sa mga supervisors ntin. If they have shortcomings help them N vice versa. Naku sinasabi ko sa inyo tapos problema. Samahan pa ng OK na adherence sa work.

i’ve been with TP for almost 2mos and now i’mplanning to resisgn. training was good, trainer PAULO, you’re the best! but LL sucks, only few sup are nice. laging walang station, gigsing ka ng mdaling araw for the shift pgdating dun wlang available station.

i love tp…. d2 first company ko. kung di lang cguro naging accounting nagpapasweldo, dun pa rin ako. bait ng sup ko, dami exemption… ganda pa facilities, compared d2 sa company ko ngaun…… hay…. mabuhay ang verizon!!!!!!!!!

great call center, especially the sprint trainer tina.she’s the best trainer of all

YEAH! mabuhay ang verizon!! wlang kwenta ACM ng tier3!!

this the FREDATOR from cricket. Guys! kung di nyo nahihit yung goals nyo lalo na sa QA, eh wag nyong isisi sa mga analyst yun. Theyre just doing there job. Magaral kayo! Magbasa! Magtanong! Wag kayo mga bitter ok. 🙂 peace tayo guys ok.

hmmm… i been in this company for 4 mos now…but i already given my resignation,…i never regret working in this company coz it helped me a lot…from the training itself…they provided best training..a rigid one…somehow…when it comes to money mat

Ok sa Epson lalo na yung Call Center Manager namin si Ms. Francia Sales, bukod sa maganda na sya. pro-agent sya… she motivates the agents to work hard (kahit 9am na queuing pa rin), di sya basta-basta nagpapakawala ng agents “she valued the agents”

Teleperformance USA offers competitive pay. However, beneath the pay underlies a poorly designed benefits package. Great company if you can’t get a job anywhere else.

Epson Account is the best so far.. Im working here for almost 2years. Im staying here because of EPSON and NOT for TELEPERFORMANCE.

i was once a TP employee.. SA TP Bacolod and i’m with a cellphone manufacturer.. ang mga supervisor ay wala ng nagagawa nagmamarunong lang buti pa mga CRO kahit sa mata ng mga supervisor nila atsay lang sila you can seek assitance from them. hay naku ang

i love my account which is verizon!

I love Epson! The best account.

Don’t like TP but I love my account Epson. Best Call Center Manager and management

Sa tagal ko na sa call center, masasabi kong ok naman ang TP. Di naman tlga mawawala ang pulitika kht san ka pumunta. Ang mganda sa TP, mabilis ang promotion para sa mga may skills talaga. Para sa mga ayaw sa kumpanyang ito, umalis na lang kyo.

i worked with tp for 3 and half years.i resigned bcoz of salary diputes last july wise tp is very good.i was with sprint and i am very grateful to tp bcoz they developed me as one of the best agents.even i am with another company i still loo

Verizon is one of the best account of TP.

ok ang tp lalo na ang training ng sprint. mahirap nga yung account but the training is worth the time and the hardwork. the best pa ang naging trainer ko d2. JENA di ka namin mkakalimutan. nilabas mo talaga ang potentials ko. now im in sykes but i will al

how much basic salary and d allowances?

I love teleperformance because they have a very supportive management.They treat people well and they give you opportunities to grow as as a person. Love it.


basic:14k cust serv / 15k for tech attendance bonus: 3k night diff: 20% Appraisal: every 6 months depending on performance

hay ingangkin na ng teleperf ang DELL Pasay 🙁

I have always loved this company… Stayed with them for 3 yrs… Sprint really trained their people well… I became a sup and my previous agents and I still communicates up to now. I won’t hesitate to go back here..lots of good memories!

We miss our previous sup! ms. grey fuellas ng Sprint! galing nya!

TP-Tektite creckit accnt d bezt lalo n TL nmin the coolest mommy on the floor m0mmy athena,un nga lang sikat name q pag sisigaw hold time ahehheheehehe,..newei go TP! go cricket khit exhale lng pahinga q minsan pag quing ahehehehehe…pero minsan tapoz q

AH magaling talga yang si mommy athena! I miss TP very much!

Ruben Panopio III the BEST TRAINER talga. Lahat gagawin nya para makapasa lang sa training lahat… Yun ngalang pag dating na sa Learning Lab patay kana talga lalo napag si ARNIE yung SUP mo.

Good Day!! I wish to apply for the said job ( as a call center). I am confident to apply since its my ideal work and i know i am capable with this kind of job. i hope my concern will be merit with favorable consideration. thank you.

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