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Teletech Marketing Communications

Teletech of TMCI is a business process outsourcing company that started by specializing in telemarketing services. Established in 1999 in Manila, Teletech Marketing Communications provides support services in sales generation and revenue growth of mostly service oriented companies such as hospitality institutions and financial institutions (credit cards). The business was founded in response to the growing telemarketing industry especially with global market expansion of many companies that drove them to outsource their sales functions to achieve better efficiency. In particular, the company serves the hospitality industry by selling privilege cards to prospective guests and visitors.  For the credit card companies, the company solicits for prospective clients for credit card.  Finally for financial institutions, it proactively offers loans and remittance services. 

In a nutshell, the services of Teletech of TMCI can be generally categorized into Customer Management and Direct Sales. The former pertains to integrated solutions and opportunities that allow clients to better understand their customers. Since Teletech directly deals and interacts with its clients’ customers, it can better determine customer’s needs, propose solutions to meet those needs and confine buying behaviors and other trends that affect clients strategies. The latter on the other hand pertains to sales process per se from target marketing, acquisition, market development and customer retention for the end objective of comprehensively enhancing customer experience in the customer lifecycle, effectively expanding market and maximizing revenue. Meanwhile, Teletech Marketing Communications continues to innovate by introducing new concepts like forging partnerships with related companies (i.e. malls and restaurants and hotels).

Teletech of TMCI’s current success can be attributed to its highly experienced sales consultants that effectively deliver the promises of the company beyond the expectations of the client. Moreover, it also serves as a collaborating agent that initiates partnerships among different related companies that further provide mutual benefits for its clients. Among the Top corporations in the Philippines that the company serves included RCBC, HSBC, Union Bank, and Metrobank. For hotels, it services the Hyatt Regency, Waterfront Hotels & Casinos, the Canyon Cove, Stotsenberg, Oxford Hotel and Hotel Soffia.

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