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Tips to improve Contact Center IQ

A call center IQ pertains to the ability of a call center to anticipate in advance potential service flaws or defers and address immediately them before said weaknesses arise. Here are ways to improve call center IQ for better customer experience.
Integrate Quality Assurance with training. Quality assurance and training should be in each other’s pocket. QA manager and trainer should work hand in hand to ensure quality training.

Train ace agents. All individual agents in the team should be super agents. Individual weaknesses should be individually identified and individually addressed so that all will be as good as the other.

Use SMS for simple updates. SMS system saves the company of having their agents call customers one by one to inform them with brief but important information or updates.

Encourage live chat on ‘contact us’ page. Visitors who land in contact page can immediately be contacted through online chat where an agent can immediately know what they need.

Evaluate peaks in demand. Identify peaks in demand so that company can provide sufficient agent to accommodate calls and meet expectations of customers.

Provide different contacts for different marketing campaigns. By assigning different contact numbers, call center can immediately identify what the call is about and company can immediately customize marketing campaigns accordingly.

Put all communication and documentation online. In this way, transactions are faster and service delivery becomes more efficient.

Incorporate social media and web chat. In this way, customers are provided with other channels to contact the call center for their inquiries.

Answer smaller queues first. Larger or longer queues may involve a longer issue that’s why it’s taking agents’ longer time to respond to them. Answer shorter queues first to allow more agents to accommodate more customers.

Provide self-help videos and FAQ section. This will allow customers to obtain needed information without need for contacting call centers.

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