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Vision-X Philippines

Established in 1998 in Los Angeles, California in 1998, Vision X or VXI started as a customer contact outsourcing company specializing in ethnic markets in the US. Thus, the company began as a multilingual customer service specialist whilst maintaining a stronghold on English language. Customer service is ultimately about communication and interaction and there is a certain cultural bond that language facilitates which VXI tried to capture to enhance the customer experience. Going the extra mile to serve beyond client expectations, the company uses its exceptional tailor fit model to each client and each project that goes beyond client expectations but all major evaluation measures.

Vision-X Philippines or VXI Global started operations in the Philippines on 2003 which a capacity of 1000 seats. It was primarily designed to manage customer service as well as inbound and outbound sales and technical support through voice and non voice channels. Its initial clients were mostly US companies in the financial, telecommunications, and consumer technology. The company extended in support service Thai, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Tamil, Japanese, and Korean languages to support Asia-Pacific customers. In 2006, VXI opened its second delivery center in the Philippines with additional 1000 seats because of its rapid growth, which is part of its 8 global services centers across the world employing more than 6000 employees. As an acclaimed premier outsourcing company, VIX was awarded the 2002 and 2003 MVP Quality Awards, for its most valuable contribution to the outsourcing industry that set the standards for best practices.

VXI is renowned for providing customer Interaction Centers and customer relationship management solutions integrated with strong sales and marketing support operations, which is especially provided by its offshore delivery center in the Philippines. On the other hand, VXI China specializes in software development and had been recognized for its pioneering software designs and applications development for the call center industry, and are prevalently used as software applications in many blue chip Fortune 500 companies. Meanwhile, VXI Philippines provide the unremitting technical support for these said products which among others include the customization of the software functionalities to fit the requirements of the clients.


love the environment..

best call center. the recruitment staff is very nice. mbait receptionist.

this company is good….the recruitment are all good,nice

i was initially Ok at VXi. The manager who hired me was very good on sugar-coating. I stay with the company for a while hoping that my career in the call center will be productive. Our team was promise with so many stuff if we stayed.

talking about good compensation… hmmnn,never mind nlng… environment nlang cguro, actually, some pipol employed at vxi stay bec of their need for money ksi malaki nga daw comssion and madami friends. magulo kasi structure don di mo alam kasi kng sino2 nlang ngmamanage hehehe. pero infairness most of them are smart and very competitive!.

how long has the muñoz site been operational? i have plans of applying in your muñoz center, would u recommend applying for this call center? anyone from VXi…pls. i need your input? thanks

do they give salaries & commissions on time? how much is the starting basic salary for new hires with call center experience? how much is the monthly allowance? thanks

ang maganda lang dito ay un receptionist na si Karla Belen.

well it looks like that some of our agents has now transferred to VXI-Munoz, like Marc Tan, Karel Bitogo, John Rey Pereda etc. we heard also that almost half of all the agents there are from VOL. Kudos to all of you guys!!!

Maganda sa vxi.. well sa UNE, oo.. although yung mga tao kasi dun mayayabang.. matataas na kasi commissions nila.. baba basic.. 12k.. pero may perfect attendance bonus 5k, project bonus 2k, and of course.. 3k and up commissions.. depends on how you perfor

i miss you richie!!! dyan k n pala vxi !!! hope to see u soon!! fr jenna rink 07 former vonage babe now with sprint

believe me, I would not stay in the company for 3 years for nothing. I can really say that this is the best company so far that I have worked with……In any company there are negative issues….You just need not to forget the positive things you are get

Hi all! I’m currently with VXI munoz site.. Vonage account.

Asking lang: Ano mas maganda starting salary for agts w/exp, Vonage or Western Union?

okay dito makati recruitment, nice and magaganda pa

I’m a manager here and have been with other big centers and the main difference i see is the genuine concern of the management about the welfare of employees. they say it’s not as fancy as other centers but here they pay you right and accommodates your ev

A good call center, but not perfect. Most people here are nice. If they are not, these people are probably from someplace else. Sadly, VXI doesn’t need people like these.

I applied last week in VXI, we’ll i passed the initial int and the exam, afrer the exam another int again dun sa matabang hr, then after nun ok na, for final int na daw ako the next day, ok na ang lahat sa Vonage UK outbound

I am an agent here at Vonage, I earn alot of commission last week I got 20k. my average is 10 k per 2 weeks. Malupit to protektado ko TL ko. kahit walang highspeed sign up lng

I’ve worked in Munoz site, back in 2007 we are getting paid every other friday of each month and it ranges from 11k to 12k w/o the commissions. ok yung sweldo

Hi,i’ll be applying at vxi tom….hope i could pass.thats my dream…i hope they will accomodate me,and be developed.

VXI, is one of the amazing company in philippines.. comisyon p lang, sobrang saya na

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