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With a management comprised of experts and professionals, with over five years of experience in the call center industry in the Philippines, Vital Call Center Link (VCC Link) offers consulting services particularly for multinational companies planning to set up a call center in the country. VCC Link specializes in four core areas namely, future planning, program evaluation, operational and procedural assessment and the establishment of appropriate and effective training programs for developing supervisory and management personnel.

Vital Call Center Link provides effective and proficient complete project management of a BPO’s indoctrination, telemarketing, market research survey, and inbound customer services without the inflated costs and time constraints. In particular, Vital Call Center Link provides call center agent training, setting up of cost effective recruitment system, employment and deployment of pre-selected candidates well equipped for handling global customers. For job seekers, VCC Link call center offers executive and agent search, sales training for newbies, coaching sessions to improve call center skills, and career management consultancy. Vital Call Center Link implements a program match whereby it effectively matches the skills of prospective applicants with the requirements of employers. Moreover, Vital Call Center Link also helps in identifying call center qualification requirements, establishing a succession program, as well as quality control and program monitoring.

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