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10 Tips to Pass a Call Center Interview

Online application is quite the norm nowadays, especially for the call center industry. If you submitted your resume to a call center company online, chances are you will be receiving a response either through your e-mail or telephone. If an applicant is shortlisted for a certain position, say a call center agent post, a recruitment specialist usually calls an applicant to schedule an interview, and since you are aspiring to be a call center agent, the initial interview sometimes takes place over the phone. If that happens, you can use the following tips to help you project better, impress the interviewer while on the phone, and eventually bag the job right away.

The recruitment specialist wouldn’t conduct the interview the first instance that you receive a call. Most of the time, they will inform you if they can call you back in 5 minutes or they would usually ask what would be the best time to call again for the initial interview.

  1. If both parties have agreed for the interview time, be sure that you’re ready for the interview whenever you are called. Expect the unexpected – they can call 5 minutes early or even 15 minutes late. If that happens, do not be offended and just get on with the interview.
  2. If the interviewer is calling you through your cellular phone, you need to make sure that your battery is charged to full capacity, you don’t want the interview to be interrupted midway. It is also important that you make sure that you are in a quieter area, and make sure there is no background noise. Avoid chewing a gum. Do not eat or smoke or drink while you are being interviewed.
  3. You also need to avoid distractions. If they are calling you at your house, make sure there are no kids, dogs, or vacuums near you. It is better if you are alone in your room so you can concentrate. If you are having a hard time hearing the interviewer, you may politely say, “I am having trouble hearing you. Do you hear me ok?”
  4. Be prepared. Have your notes, your resume, and the position information in front of you. Do not let the interviewer wait for you as you get those things.
  5. Do not fail to take down notes.
  6. Do not forget to smile. It always works!
  7. When in comes to answering questions, do not exaggerate your accent and your diction. Just speak normally. Answer the interviewer’s questions directly. Focus on the position you are applying for, the interviewer’s needs, the company’s needs, and how your previous work experience can work for you.
  8. It is okay to ask questions, you show interest that way, and that you are really listening to the interviewer.
  9. Do not take the phone interview lightly, that is a real interview and you are being evaluated.
  10. Know the next steps. You have to get information if there will be additional interviews or should you follow up or will they be calling you back for the schedules?

That’s 10 helpful tips for you to succeed in a phone interview. Best of luck!

Originally posted 2011-10-18 04:58:55.

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  1. francis bantasan Reply

    pwedeng mag “taglish” while u interviewed?

    • John Rey Gustilo Reply

      Francis , just a friendly reminder , its a big , NO-NO , in call center to speak in taglish , while you are being interviewed by the interviewer . Try to speak in english , everyday. everyone of us , did’nt came out into this world , speaking in english in an instant.. Even, I , before I don’t know how to speak in english ,. The best thing that I could recommend for you is , try to read english magazines , or watch english movies , coz sooner or later you will get use to it , of how to say in english the words that you wanna say.. that is exactly what I did , before… Don’t lose hope ,believe in your self , and I assure you , you will be a call center agent someday francis=)) .. GOOD LUCK FRANCIS=)

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