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24/7 Customer Philippines

Posted on May 4, 2021 | 5 Comments on 24/7 Customer Philippines

Founded on the vision to enhance the customer experience by controlling large data, insightful design and a knowledge structure to simplify the concept of customer service to achieve consumers objectives with the most minimal effort, 24/7 Customer Philippines was conceptualized at advent of the new millennium and had since then made its market in perceptive customer service software and services.

24/7 Customer Philippines is guided by five corporate values that dictate and determine the decision and directions of its projects namely: respect, transparency, ownership, results and teamwork. Respect fosters the continuing commitment of 24/7 Customer Philippines to provide value added service to all stakeholders. Transparency should be maintained to achieve the highest level of integrity. Ownership is a means to empower our clients for them to have complete control of our services for the attainment of their objectives and goals. 24/7 Customer Philippines measures and rewards results but recognizes effort in the pursuit of excellence. Finally. the company believes on the continuing collaboration of all stakeholders of the company to achieve its mission and vision.

The services of 24/7 Customer Philippines are framed on its powerful philosophy that makes it the best in the industry.  At the forefront is the belief that service must be designed from the perspective of consumers, because it is the customers who are the ultimate judge of quality. Service should be as simple as intuitive as possible. To build brand loyalty, 24/7 Customer Philippines anticipates what consumers need and delivers software platform and services that builds intelligent, and reciprocal relationships between company and its clients. Transparency allows partner companies achieve greater cooperation.  24/7 Customer Philippines commits to continuous development as it believes and strives to find a better way to provide its services.

24/7 Customer, a global BPO service provider, began in the Philippines last April of 2006 with just around 20 employees. Now in 2011, 24/7 has over 4500 employees and growing steadily.

24/7 Customer Philippines call centers are located in:

24/7 Customer also has satellite offices in:

24/7 Customer
720 University Ave, Suite 100,
Los Gatos, CA 95032

24/7 Customer
102 Chain Lake Drive
Suite 204 Halifax,
Nova Scotia

24/7 Customer
First Floor, Creator
International Tech Park,
Bangalore – 560066,

24/7 Customer
4th Floor, Regal House,
70 London Road
Middlesex, TW1 3QS, UK

For career opportunities, please visit 24/7 Customer Philippines Job Openings


Rommel says: The key to pass the interview at 24/7 is “be humble”! Even if you are from known call center it does not matter.

It is very good company.

very accomodating hr people

do not put companies down because you weren’t accepted. they have reasons why they didn’t accept you. communication skills, maybe?

for a start-up company it’s good,well since 90% of the population is from CVG..training materials,recruitment materials,TKS-TRKS,support center from cvg din..the curriculum is almost the same,pati tools..well ok lang un..so far so good

ok sa umpisa kaso di uso sa kanila ang increase. parati dagdag trabaho pero ty ang extra pay mo at walang kamatayang sodexho.

i just wanna ask if how do i apply?? what are the requirements?? i just want to have my first exposure in your company.. hope to hear from you.. thanks.. God bless..

main requirement is experience. this ain’t a place for newbies. try People support, stay with them for a year, then maybe we can acommodate you.

good trainers! I came from the 3rd batch Optus aCCt. people are so nice and friendly, miss ko na batchm8s ko!!!!! huhuhuhu

I haven’t really heard of this call center before, until they viewed my friendster account. Can anyone from the 24/7 HR or Recruiting team answer the issues here? I think this will help those people who are interested to know more about this company, like

The Best! Galing ako dati convergys, maganda facilities, at kung ano ano pa. Pero they don’t value employees puro lang clients. Sa 24/7 masaya, taas pa ng sweldo. =)

eto rin ba ung sa makati?

Di nila ako tingap kasi HS grad lang ako kahit na meron akong 3 years na call center experience,, Pag convergys agent ka kahit pangit gramar mo tatanggapin ka nila,,

Oral Communication Skills??? Di nila ako pi nass pero yung taga Convergys na parang bangag nung kinkausap nila eh tinanngap nila,,

there is one common denominator for all who despises 247: they have applied for a position but were not able to make it… dont’ be bitter guys.

hello!! have u tried applying in Convergys?, try mo kya so u’ll kno why!!!…MAGAGALING kc kami noh!

have u tried applying in Convergys?, try mo kya so u’ll kno why!!!…MAGAGALING kc kami noh! u failed kc ur not qualified!

galing ako sa ACS, ggrrr…. hope, di na ako nag apply. nag sayang lang ako ng days don. Dito na ako ngaun sa 24/7, competitive yong sweldo at agents talaga are outperformers. It’s a good company. Sa ACS, after 2 years pa makapag-VL ka unlike sa 24/7

just want to ask saan ang sites ng 24/7? thanks..

i just applied there last friday. i passed the 1st and 2nd stage. they asked me to come back on monday for the last stage(final interview). I did of course my best but they didn’t pass me because they said my competency is not yet enough for the account.

24/7 is the best call center I have worked for. I’ve been to two big centers, but nothing compares to 24/7! Bitter lang yung mga negative comments dito. Kasi hindi nakapasa. Well, may certain things na hinahanap ang recruiters nila. Hindi dahil sa insecur

i have applied once at 24/7. everything is almost ok but in terms of they way they screen agents on initial exam.

I am from IBM-Daksh and about to resign. Despite of this situation, ibm is way better… it’s not sooo coñotic… everything is cool. 24/7 is way smaller but the people there are so coñotic, even berating applicants from other call center

one of the best!! a high paying day job call center

company pays according to experience above the average call center salary, all haters here are those people who were rejected since they were thinking that they’re way better than the interviewers..peace..im here at 24/7 and they pay according to what you

how much pay dito??? any idea??? ve’ been in the call center industry for more than 2 years now..

I tried to apply in this call center with high hopes of being hired. I had the experience, I speak well naman and I believe I was able to make it during the interview. KATAWA 4 kami the other guy has a kid, I also have 4. the other two, reasons for lea

maganda ba dito?nagbabackground check ba sila sa school.i mean kung tinatanong pa nila sa school kung nakagraduate o naka 2 years atleast sa college ung aplikante?

I will definitely apply here. Ang taas ng sahod 25K starting.. =)

great pay. don’t be bitter if you didnt make it, maybe because you don’t have excellent comm skills.that’s a given

It seems like yung mga nagcomment either di natanggap, or naging impatient, too badpatient is a virtue, taas kaya ng sweldo dito… i just sign a contract with them and im glad i did.

Used to work there but their so-called “competitive salary” is just as bad as the next call-center around the block. Do not believe that their basic starts at 18k coz it doesn’t.

Actually I got in throughout exam. But the thing is I failed..sayang..hehe

Hi, Anybody can reply. Just wanted to know how much is the salary of a QA? I need to be frank, other than I am not happy with the company I am working for so I am trying to look for a higher compensation. Thanks!

di ko pa nasubukan mag aply 21k daw starting..gusto ko sana dayshift…

ok lng ba mag apply d2 khit di ganong fluent sa english? sabi kc ng mga friends ko sa call center cla ntrain mging fluent sa english.. any advices jan guys?? need help here.. tnx.

I just applied here in 24/7, i passed the initial interview then there’s Competency Based Interview or CBI…asking me about my background, work exp etc..typical resume questions then another piece of paper will be given as a result of the interview….sa

i think iba ang sinasabi nyung 24/7 na nasa mjplaza at insular…from the info above….masarap d2 sa 24/7 …twc account…petiks….sisiw ang stats…marami pa gc 😛

how i wish to work with this company, i am a call center agent also and i wanna try working to you,, and i wanna be part of the team,, i hope u can absorb me guys,, loveit

Well it really depends on the INTERVIEWER if he/she likes you get hired or not despite of ur grammar/comm skills and xperience. Well, u wouldn’t be surprised if one of ur friends got hired inspite of his/her incompetencies, because the INTERVIEWER speaks for the company itself! 🙂

thanks sa mga comments na nabasa ko dito. talagang maraming views ang mga pilipino sa iba’t ibang bagay. Para sa akin walang perfect na kumpanya. talagang makakakita tayo ng negative aspect ng bawat kumpanya na ayaw natin. isa na ang 24/7 company dun. Ang importante ay maging satisfied tayo and let us look for things that could make us happy on a certain company. Kung ayaw talaga natin sa isang kumpanya nayun, then fine. We always have a choice to say NO. and we always have options to choose other company that we really like instead of wasting energy saying below the belt words. Let us just be thankful for we have jobs and there is call center. All things will follow basta nagsisikap=)

I’m living here in Australia.. ang sarap pag may pinoy na kausap tuwing tatawag sa Optus.. 24/7 pala ang optus.. cheers!

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  1. Kyoshio Reply

    Well, I was with this company for the past 3 years and 4 months. Initially my employment was good. salary wise, pipigain ka nila para masulit bayad sayo! Not to mention the mandatory OT that they are implementing kahit bawal naman. Very limited din ang carrer growth dito kahit magaling ka dahil palakasan ang laban dito. .One more thing that applicats need to know about this company lalo na sa Optus Acct nila is that power trip mga TL dyan, pag ayaw nila sau hahanapan ka nila ng butas para tanggalin ka o maalanganin ang employment mo. and lastly ang pinaka pangit sa company na ito is pag Annual salary increase time na. Masapul mo man lahat ng target nila eh kalevel lng ng increase mo ang mga non performers. Katwiran nila binibigyan lang ng chance ung iba na makahabol para competetive dn ung salaray. For me lang, Mismanaged ang Optus Account and the management needs to know what is happening and how agent feel.

  2. iamindebted Reply

    I have been in this company for 5 years and i have to say…people are great..the culture is overwhelmingly nice and the management is very transparent. I guess no company is perfect however growth here is possible of you are hardworking and consistent..as far as my experience is concern, walang palakasan dito..i got promoted due to my consistency and exceeding the expectations..i just had to leave to attend to some personal endeavours … [24]7 Inc is a great company.

  3. Bear Reply

    I had been with this company for over five years. I’m glad I got out as management has degenerated. Back when Jean-Luc was still at the helm, opportunities, benefits, and culture was good, if not great. Now that PV took over, people are given an enormous workload without the corresponding pay increase. Before I left the prevailing management technique was to put apprentices in place instead of actually promoting people- by putting trainer, TL, and OM apprentices, management is shortchanging employees as the tasks for the mentioned positions are delegated to the said apprentices while their pay grade is not actually upgraded.

  4. 24/7 former agent Reply

    Ok, so they say…24/7 has a good compensation even if your handling a a non-voice account, you can get 20k a month pay. But, the downside is, this company is not good for humans, because their rules are like so impossible to do. And trainers here are not friendly to their students, it’s like you’re the student and im your teacher, we cnt be friends. And they do not accept jokes in their class too, or maybe it is just mr.drew estandarte who is like this.
    They are very strict when it comes to attendance, you are only allowed one late and one absent…even if you had log-in issues with their slow system, they will not consider it. Plus, they do not keep a good maintenance with their facilities, their pantry is small and they dont have sleeping quarters, they just let their agents sleep on the floor at the lounge room. And if you are a non-voice agent, you are just seasonal.

  5. 15/05/27

    kana si jean jacquet abarquez sa cable time warner phil. sa [24]7 maski daghan na ug kaso bakit nila tinatanggap nila positive pa yan sa HIV kasi sabi nila depende yan sa back.up till now she is still working in [24]7 Cebu kabit niya si Terence ka teammate nya.

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