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24X7 Communications

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24X7 Communications is a global VoIP wholesale provider specializing in the area of VoIP hosting, billing, termination and consulting. The company’s IT architecture is constituted by the finest modernized system sustained by seasoned experts and skilled professionals. 24X7 Communications offers call center solutions that operates on IP backbone call relay and network management. Its termination services allows contact center companies to focus on their operations while leaving issues of calls switching and network expansion to 24X7’s adaptable platforms.

With 24X7 Communications superior termination and origination, clients linked to its managed backbone is permitted to scale down or ramp up its network requirements quickly as demand requires. 24X7 Philippines elimate the days of waiting for additional E1s or T1s but immediately allows companies hassle free expansion of circuits for voice applications and other communication needs. More importantly, companies need not build and maintain expensive infrastructures for servicing customers but merely rely on 24X7 termination services that can setup local access IDD and international toll-free in various countries across the world.

For ultra fast communication and internet access, 24X7 Communications provides satellite IP services that is ensures super speed connection consistently and can connect even to the most remote places in the world. 24X7 voice services will help companies integrate Voice Over IP without modifying anything at their end for fast implementation. 24X7 Communications also sets up a hardware to complies with standard to the Cisco’s requirements for total management dependability on the network structure. Finally, it utilizes a software system with an easy to use and simple timesheet entry, which allows company to establish project costs and billable rates based on projects, task, resource, or role in different currencies and applicable tax policies.

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