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5 Tips To Make Your Contact Center Multi-Skilled

Enabling the multi-skills within the premises of the contact center is a must policy in 2013. As the customers, turning themselves into multi-taskers with the use of advanced technologies, so contact centers too must change their approach and instill multi-skilling abilities in them.

If you want to improve the efficiency of the contact center, then multi-skilling strategies are necessary. Here, in this article you are going to see the 5 benefits, which a contact center can gain by switching on their multi-skilling aspects.

Have a Mini Call Center Within a Big Call Center

You have to group the services before turning your call center employees into a multi-tasker. If you have 15 services that need to start outbound and inbound calls, emails, and telemarketing and lead generation – you can divide each of them into 3 separate groups and each can handle 5 of the services.

As you can see 5 services per group and thus, you have to invest less time on their training. Staffing is easier as multi-tasking helps the agents to cover all the services that mean more employees have to do overtime. You have to keep the secondary skill-set to help in an emergency. Actually, by multi-skilling you create a small contact center within your bigger premise.

Call Blending Reduces the Boredom of the Agents

You need to blend the calls according to the service offered. Like you have a “named contact” type of offering, then you need to have a blending call option that too across multiple channels. However, there are commodities that are more efficient with single skill queues. However, you can move the staffs between the queues to remove the boredom. You have to find that the staff likes this multi-skill mix and is generating similar kind of results as they did before.

Paying More for the Multi-Skills

We use the multi-skill abilities in our call center to develop a competency level among the agents. The more skills they are able to gather, higher and stronger become their competency level. It is effective to motivate the staff and improve call center efficiency.

Use of Traffic Lights

When everything rather all your services rendered to the clients’ links to the SLA (Service Level Agreement) it shows three different status or signals – GREEN, AMBER and RED status. Like, if a sales agent receives an email and does not reach the email before the signal turns red, then it falls back to the queue of the dedicated email agents.

Use of the Shadow Training

Agents who are capable get marked by their team leaders and their managers. Many agents opt for Individual Development Plans for having some internal training predominantly called “shadowing”. This allows agents to learn from one another. With this internal training agent are able to improve first contact resolution. We use multi-skilling abilities of the agents and even facilitate the double handling over a single contact.

These are 5 tips that you have to use within the contact center to turn it into a multi-skill organizations.

Author’s Bio: Karren Gomes is a contact center team leader and is managing the outbound telemarketing services for more than 6 years. Presently, he is working with offshore call center services, whose agent uses their multi-skilled abilities to shoot up the business productivity.

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