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825 Solutions Call Center

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825 Solutions a contact center company that specializes in outbound and inbound telemarketing solutions that caters small and medium sized international companies, individual entrepreneurs as multinational corporations. 825 Solutions Philippines has a pool of highly trained personnel team that can help clients expand and maintain contact with current customers. The company provides dedicated staff to handle one outsourced campaign at a time to ensure control and quality performance. 825 Solutions Call Center services is then backed up by secure, reliable IT infrastructure and software application to ensure consistent quality services where, when and how the clients require them.

Customer Care services 825 solutions involves a balance of minimizing handling time while maintaining exceptional service. A comprehensive analysis report is provide to clients for monitoring. Advance Telemarketing Sales involves creating a carefully crafted script supplemented by motivational training so that agents are mentally, emotionally and positively motivated everyday to make sales. Lead Generation is pre selling activity that involves evaluating potential client to maximize the lead acquisition for a more accurate target marketing. Appointment Setting refers to producing qualified meetings with potential clients for clients to provide a more personalized sales talk with customers. 825 Solutions Philippines provides the uplifting positive first impressions that will surely make customers look forward to the set meeting and close deals. Survey/focus group studies are aimed of understanding and better identifying the target market of clients in order to better correctly guide clients on where to find, acquire and obtain customers.

Apart from contact center service, 825 Solutions Call Center also provide back end office outsourcing solutions. This included provision of Virtual Executive Assistant which are in-house Administrative Assistants. It also offers Creative Script Writing and other writing services to companies. It also offers Web Design and development services including Hosting, E-mail, Flash and GIF animation, Php, ASP, Java scripting, Online Catalogs, E-commerce solutions, Streaming media and desktop publications. Finally, 825 Solutions Philippines also offers software development or computer programming services and other IT related services such as Networks Administration, Cisco Routing and switching, Windows Troubleshooting, and Database management, among others.

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