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88 Amusement and Entertainment Corporation

88 Amusement and Entertainment Corporation is a company that provides business process outsourcing services. As a BPO company, 88 Amusement Philippines provides services to businesses engaged in online entertainment and customer relation handling, supported by innovative and world-class technology. The company is based in Ortigas, Philippines and was officially registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 12, 2014 as a business corporation.

The company caters its clients through the following services:
– Lead Generation
– Qualification
– Communication
– Brand Building
– Conversion
– Marketing Management
– Product Management
– Product Marketing
– Analytics
– Strategy and Business Development
– Customer Relationship Management

Why Work at 88 Amusement and Entertainment Corporation
Currently, the company has 35 employees, and its goal is to increase this number to over a hundred seats by the end of 2016. 88 Amusement and Entertainment Corporation has just been newly established, and therefore, there are lots of career opportunities that await you if you decide to work in this company. As one of the first employees, you get to have the chance of handling pioneering accounts, in which if you show passion and dedication, will bring you to a higher step in your career ladder. Also, you will be exposed to trainings and other career enhancement activities that will hone your skills so you can use it at the maximum level. Furthermore, you will be recognized as one of those who lead and brought the company to its peak and its growth once it reached its goal of expansion.

Job Opportunities
88 Amusement and Entertainment Corporation is composed of highly motivated and committed team that is devoted to engage in specific goals of the company which is to expand. In line with this goal, the company is also looking for qualified professionals that has the same passion, motivation and dedication to be team players. If you feel like you have the qualities that would make you qualify to be a team member of this growing company, then you are encouraged to summit your resume to the company’s recruitment team. There are various job posting that the company is currently offering, and the recruitment team can match your qualifications to one of the job postings available.

Successful candidates are entitled to the following perks and benefits:
– Regular hours of work, Mondays to Fridays
– Medical and dental benefits
– Competitive salary package
– Miscellaneous allowance
– Loans
– Parking

88 Amusement & Entertainment Philippines call center office address:

  • 88 Amusement Ortigas
    Metrowalk Commercial Complex
    Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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