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As a company, 9Grids sticks by its motto to build campaigns that work for clients. 9Grids Philippines is driven by creativity and fueled by its passion to create cutting-edge ads that captivate the minds of its audience and leaves them wanting for more.

9Grids prioritizes its clients through its traffic sources which have the right balance of speed and allowance to provide the support they need at the fastest possible time. 9Grids believes that efficiency is what drives any good company. With that in mind, 9grids won’t keep clients waiting for the best possible outcome for the campaign.

The company aims to jumpstart a revolution of innovative campaigns that transcend the advertising world. 9grids has the manpower and the right mindset to create groundbreaking ads for your company that’s sure to take the consumers by storm.

9Grids makes sure that ads will be tested on audiences before it even gets out of the market. The company tests its effectiveness when it comes to sending out the message while gathering responses for further improvements. 9grids is overly critical for every ad campaign so clients get the best possible advertisement for their brand/product.

The services provided by 9Grids can be narrowed down into three categories. Services for creative development which focus on making a statement for your brand and optimizing its appearance through the public’s eye.

In Media Buying service, the company finds the best possible deals for ad placements in billboards, magazines and other websites. 9grids can also take charge of any campaign and set plans for company’s full advertisement process. Whether it is commercials or social media posts, 9Grids got you covered!

9Grids is a goal-oriented company. The company sets its sights in being the preeminent ad agency in the Philippines to be the gold standard in the advertising world. With growing portfolio, the company is slowly but surely gaining more traction and is closing in on the ultimate goal.

9Grids Philippines office address:

  • 9Grids Makati
    3/f Goodwill Building
    Sen. Gil J. Puyat Ave.
    Makati City, Philippines

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