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A need for Call Center Party List

The Philippines follow a bicameral legislative system in which legislature is composed of the higher chamber or senate and the lower chamber or the House of Representatives also known as congress. There are types of representatives in the Congress namely, representatives from congressional districts which comprises 80% of the House and sectoral representatives. The sectoral representatives came from party-list groups, or organizations that represent a distinct sector of society such as women, , peasant, fisherfolk, urban poor, indigenous cultural communities, elderly, handicapped, youth, veterans, OFWs, the poor and the like. For a sector to gain a seat in congress, the party list organization must garner a minimum of 2% of the total votes cast for the party-list system nationwide. Lately, the Commission of Elections (COMELEC) has cleaned the party list system by disqualifying certain groups, which do not actually represent a particular sector of society chief of them AKO BICOL, which currently has the highest number of seats among the party list representatives.

With the pending elections next year, new party list groups are cropping up. One of the party list groups that needs to be considered by COMELEC for registration and qualification is the call center party list. At the moment, the call center industry employs more than half a million Filipino workers and counting to man the estimated 200 BPO companies nationwide. At the moment, the Philippines has share of 70% of the global call center market and contributes 12% of the country’s GNP. With the expansion of the BPO industry in different service specializations, the call center industry and BPO industry in general is expected to continue to rise for the next years to come.

In lieu of which and the industry’s important contribution to the nation’s economy, it is but reasonable that a call center party list group be organized to represent the sector of call center professionals in the country. Contrary to the privilege speech of Rep. Raymond “Mong” Palatino, the call center industry plays an important role in providing employment, contributing income and improving the overall image of the country in the global market. Thus, it should rightfully have a representative in Congress that will help in advancing the causes of the industry and in protecting the Filipino call center workers especially because most BPO companies are owned and managed by foreigners. It is high time that the call center workers be given representation in the Congress because of their important contribution to the nation’s GNP, their sheer numbers that continuous to grown exponentially and their important role in enhancing the image of the Filipino nation as a country of dedicated, talented and world class professionals.

Originally posted 2012-12-03 08:03:22.

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  1. 12/12/05

    In 2010, the group that positioned itself to be the party (list) representing the call center industry lacked the financial capacity to run an election campaign. It costs about 30-50 million Pesos per to make sure you will win. This year, a new group came to be, partnering with the 2010 group, and there was a promise to fund that money. But politics from outside came to play and the early registration was eased out. Everyone learned a lot. Hopefully, this group will be better prepared for the 2016 elections.

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