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Aarki Inc.

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In 2010, Sid and Levon – founded the company in a 6’x6′ cubicle. All they had was a dream and funds to sustain them for 3 months and the rest was history. Currently, Aarki is the ad platform of choice for thousands of agencies, app developers, advertisers, and premium publishers worldwide.

Aarki is a leader in interactive and creative advertising technology for brands, agencies, ad networks and premium publishers. Aarki which is pronounced as ar-key is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning to rise above or elevate. The company’s goal is to ensure customers can rise above their competition through cloud-based technologies that deliver highly engaging, interactive advertisements across all devices. The company is based in Mountain View, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing and Manila, Aarki is backed by Walden Venture Capital.

Products and Services

App Marketing
Aarki developed a “Volume Guarantee” program—these are mobile application ads that are User-oriented in which it enhances the user’s app experience to the fullest 24/7 service, full in-house creative shop, and end-to-end campaign management due to the reason that the agency believes in.

Aarki Encore
From the “mobile first” philosophy, Aarki created the Aarki Encore where it is an integrated platform for creative design, media buying, and optimization. This platform is especially suited for creating and deploying video and content-based mobile ads. With Aarki Encore, creating a high performing ad in a fraction of the time that would be typically required.

Latest News

Aarki, announceed a strategic sponsorship of Casual Connect San Francisco. This is a part of Aarki’s running commitment to invest in app developers and marketers. Also, Aarki announces the launch of rule-based ad serving in the industry’s leading creative optimization and programmatic media technology, Aarki encore. The proprietary technology now allows for ad serving based on date, day, time and share volume. Rule-based ads is one in a series of updates to the proprietary Aarki Encore technology, allowing the clients of Aarki agency to provide better performance, faster. As an end-to-end app marketing agency, Aarki works with brands, agencies and app developers to define and achieve their app marketing goals with the support of smarter machine-learning technologies.

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