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Posted on January 27, 2016 | No Comments on ABC360 Philippines

ABC360, a primary school in the Philippines offers a quality learning and teaching with a friendly environment offering grades 1 to 6. The school can accommodate up to 1000 students with its 50 classrooms. ABC360 Philippines was established in 2011 independently and offers curriculum of many sports, practical music programs and a wide range of extra-curricular activities providing quality of teaching and learning.

Home Based Teaching – Conducts English classes to students via online, evaluates, monitors every student’s progress providing fun filled activities and lessons. Teachers will give proper advice on improvements so students can be trained well in grammar rules.

The students and online teachers have accessed in learning materials 24/7, always readily available. The classes are available at any time suitable for students allowing an opportunity to learn almost anytime, anywhere.

Online class provides a venue for student to participate well in every course and discussions. Students are likely to collaborate well with teachers, creating strong sense of understanding and in depth responses.

Why Work with ABC360?
Online teaching allows you to as a teacher to have part time or full time jobs with the convenience of your own time. Plus, since this is home based job, you can perform your job while staying at home, giving you more time to do things needed to be done at home while earning at the same time. You will be more comfortable in performing your job as the company can give you options and flexibility to work as long as you have access to the Internet anywhere you are.

If you have the skills and passion of teaching, however does not have a long time to spend working out of your home – office or school – try working with ABC360 as an online teacher. Your knowledge, good communication in English, expertise in grammar would benefit you without compromising your time schedule to travel from and to your workplace.

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