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ABS-CBN Call Center

In ABS CBN, the ABS CBN call center could refer to two entities. First is the ABS-CBN Shared Service Center Pte., Ltd, a subsidiary of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation which was established in 2008, whose main office is situated in Singapore. Its local regional office or the regional operating headquarters (ROHQ) is located in inside the ABS-CBN Broadcasting Compound in Quezon City. This internal shared service center was launched to provide support services to the business requirements of all its offices, in order to enhance the company’s operational efficiency and generate better savings.

At first, the ROHQ will offer financial accounting and administrative human resource services for ABS-CBN and its subsidiaries as independent and separate entities of equal footing that conducts business with each other (arms length transaction). It is like ABS CBN creating a new company whose owners are totally the same, to whom ABS CBN outsources its support operations like finance and manpower. And proof to this effectiveness, ABS CBN enjoyed a record high in company revenues for the savings they obtained in implementing such scheme.

Another entity often referred to as the ABS CBN call center is the Bantay Bata 163 (BB 163), which is one of the major charity programs of the ABS CBN Foundation that focuses in protecting and advancing the interest of children especially in indigent and rural areas in the Philippines. This Bantay Bata program started in 1997 and was accordingly driven by the company’s gift giving tradition to Filipino children.

The Bantay Bata program actually started as a hotline and rescue operation, from which the idea of an ABS CBN call center probably developed. The public was enjoined to call the 163 helpline to report cases of abuse of children or any other matters that concern children in desperate needs. Provincial offices had been established in different areas such as Davao, Negros, Bicol. Pangasinan and Socsargen among others to effective serve and respond to cases of child abuse nationwide.

A Bantay Bata centralized national call center however was launched in July of 2005 to effectively consolidate the reporting of the child abuse and violations. Today, the program has evolved into a genuinely compressive system which included child protective services, education and preventive programs, which is rendered through its different regional offices. The Bantay Bata Call center not only provides telephone hotlines, but has expanded its communication channels including SMS or text message, email and website. Aside from receiving calls, the center also offers counseling services as well as proper referencing addressing the needs of indigent and abused children.

NCO Group Call Center is located in ELJ Communications Center inside the ABS-CBN compound. NCO Group is strategically located in ABS CBN Compound in Quezon City. ELJ Communications Center is the main office of NCO Group.

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    Good Day ! i want to be part of your team, i am fresh graduate of BSIT and seeking for a job. We all know that Call Center is one of the highly competitive job that will help to your communication skills. That’s why i want to be with to improve also my communication skills most especially in English 😀 I will be looking for your feedback.

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    good day, i would like to apply for the CSR position at bantay bata. i’m a college graduate. i want to work in the said account because i want to help other children who are victim of child abuse. and as a mother it hurts when i saw some children being abused by their parents, relatives or non relatives. hoping ti hear any response from your team. thank you and more power.

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    Hello. I would like to apply for a position that will improve my technical and communication skills. I’ve been in this industry for 8 years as a Customer Service Specialist and I am hoping that you will be able to provide me some options. I also have friends working there. Thank you so much and hoping for your feedback.

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    I’m a certified Kapamilya fan, I would like to work i any position that will fit on my ability and my credentials, i am not a college graduate but I’m still hoping for you feedback thank you and I’m proud to be KAPAMILYA!!!

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    I want to work in ABS-CBN, i want to be a CSR in your bantay bata project.
    i wish i can be an agent in this project.:)looking forward for your feedback and i will bring all my co-agent that are also interested.
    thank you so much and more power.

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    I”m a certified kapamilya fan and dreamt of working with the biggest network in the Philippines. I wish to apply to any back office job. I will be looking forward for your feedback.

    All the best.

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    One of my dream is to work with ABS-CBN. I’d like to apply for any CSR positions. I’ll be looking forward for an interview. Thanks!


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